View Full Version : Awesome Comp Case...

2/11/2004 4:29pm,
Look what I am getting for VD from my girlfriend for my new comp...

2/11/2004 7:24pm,
That's cool.

2/11/2004 8:54pm,
What is that????
Where do you get that?

Omega Supreme
2/11/2004 9:06pm,

You got a venerial disease?


2/11/2004 9:54pm,
You should know baby...you gave it to me.
For the record, never let someone who looks like they have a cold sore give you head, no matter what Om---they say.
Go to casedge.com to find the case...under the minotaur or diabolic series.
Damn expensive for a case...but worth it.

2/11/2004 10:52pm,
That thing looks like crap! Please invest in real design not trumped up garbage.

2/11/2004 11:16pm,
Give me an example of a real design?
Actually, one of the things I dig most on the case isn't just the design, but the whole tooless case concept.
I am hella stocked about my new computer... Right now I am on a compaq w/ 800mhz, 256 mb ram, 70 gb of hd space (total). The only things I like on my comp right now is my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and my 128 ati-all in wonder 9600 pro.
I am going to go with a +3ghz proc (still waiting for the price list), over a gig of ram, 200 gb of HD space, DVD rw, and a LCD monitor.
Still have not decided on the monitor...I want a 19 LCD but I can't find one with a 16ms refresh.