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Cy Q. Faunce
1/17/2010 12:39am,
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Cy Q. Faunce
1/17/2010 12:40am,
Corrected a reference in the article. The MHC could refer to the Medical Holding Company (http://www.wramc.army.mil/Professionals/admactivity/mcb/command/Pages/brigade.aspx).

1/18/2010 2:55pm,
Very interesting read that shows a few different sides of him. He seems to have been here a bit before I started posting, but it is still sad to see people who have certain good traits become overwhelmed by the bad ones. Kind of ironic that he had such a drive for outing military frauds and yet lied (or at least exaggerated wildly) about his own. You would think that most people would realize that sooner or later your own military background would come into question, even if thrown out as a red herring by someone under investigation themselves.

We've certainly seen people try to cover their trail by attacking the credentials, perceived bias, or background of the investigators. Sadly in this case it seems he really wasn't above board, and really did have a personal agenda.