View Full Version : Anybody else have this problem?

KuNg FooL
2/10/2004 4:37pm,
I'm a huge movie freak. I collect them and watch them all the time. There are a lot of Asian movies that I hear about all the time that I'm dying to see, but most of them come in a different DVD Region so I can't watch them on my DVD players. I've been able to figure out how to play some of them on my computer, but I wanna watch them the right way, you know? Like seeing them on my big screen, with surround sound. Does anybody know how to hack any Region 1 DVD players to be code free so I can watch all those great movies?

2/10/2004 4:39pm,
Get a region free DVD player.

It would be cheaper than trying to "fix" you current DVD paler.

KuNg FooL
2/10/2004 4:41pm,
I've been wanting to do that, but they're expensive and they'd have to be ordered online and all that stuff. I heard a regular DVD player can be hacked so I was hoping I could try that instead.

2/10/2004 5:04pm,
a lot of the Apex players (cost less than 100 bucks) are either region free, or easy to modify. mine was region free to begin with. google is your friend.

Mr. Mantis
2/10/2004 5:05pm,
Do you have an x-box?

KuNg FooL
2/10/2004 10:14pm,
Actually, two of my DVD players are Apex. Would you know how to Modify them Hapko? Nah, I don't have the X-box Mantis, but I do have the PS2.

KuNg FooL
2/10/2004 11:06pm,
Holy Crap! Nevermind, I just figured out how to hack my Oritron DVD player after searching it on Google and I just tested it out by playing my The 36th Chamber of Shaolin DVD which is a Region 3 DVD. After the hack it says I can play any region DVD. This is awesome! I guess I don't need any help after all. Thanks anyway people hehe