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12/29/2009 9:56pm,
Just wanted to post a reminder for everyone on here - make sure you take precautions when buying and selling with other members via the bullshido classifieds.
This is not ebay and there are no real protections in place.Someone may seem all nice and you may be apt to trust them because they are fellow MA praticioner's (in some cases). But I have just found out first hand that people are sometimes not what they seem. unfortunately, I often give people the benefit of the doubt and like to believe that most people are good deep down, and I have been burned before for having such delusions.
Without going into specific details, I have had to appeal to Phrost to try and get this deadbeat Darkphoenix to pay up for items I sent to him in good faith, prior to recieving payment.
One of the rules of the Bullshido Classifeds is DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE.
Well, Darkphoenix aka Baddest Santa - you are being an Asshole. Pay up ..be an adult.
Happy Fucking new year.

12/30/2009 6:18am,
Sorry Shawn, things got a little hectic for me with work and what-not. I sent the cheque out again, yesterday. It came back to my house Returned To Sender, due to my getting your postal code wrong.

And to think this all started because of PayPal.

The issue will be rectified, and if you do not receive the cheque, by Monday or Tuesday the latest, you have my mobile number.

I haven't been on Bullshido to check anything. Again my deepest apologies.

Cy Q. Faunce
1/06/2010 4:37pm,
Has this been resolved?

1/07/2010 11:17am,
I assume so. I told him that if he didn't receive the check by Tuesday, to call me and I sent him my cell number.

Oh, BTW Shawn, I just got the poster on Monday.

Again, my apologies for the fubarness of this Shawn.

Happy New Year

1/07/2010 11:25am,
It is getting mailed to London. It probably has to be smuggled in inside a moose.

1/07/2010 11:37am,
None of my business, I know - but just to say that posting things from NY to Canada can be surpisingly weird. My wife makes quilts to order and has done so for years. The only two that never made it to customers had addresses in Ontario and we're only over the border.

OZZ, should you ever see a Mountie wrapping his horse in a hand-stitched, contemporary quilt, please snatch it back for me.

1/07/2010 11:54am,
my last employer did a bunch of work in canada and our guys were forever getting odd things interdicted at the border, to the point they started shipping their smartphones a day ahead of them and traveling with a cheapo

1/11/2010 2:56pm,
I am an active Ebayer and I have NEVER had something like this happen before.
I mean NEVER..in over 150 transactions, most from the US.

I am glad the poster finally arrived, but I still haven't received payment.

1/19/2010 4:09pm,
It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a US money order is not cashable in any other country but the US..especially when it says it right on the front of the money order in big black letters.
So here I sit with a money order I can't cash, with no payment 3 months later.While he has his new poster up on the wall a new dvd to watch. a CD to listen to and comics to read.
Somehow I ended up getting the shaft.he has told me three times "I'll send payment via Western Union tommorrow", but tommorrow never comes.
Nothing has been resolved and he is once again ignoring all my emails.
I would urge people to avoid doing business with this fellow. I lived up to my end and even sent the items before receiving payment and this is the thanks I get.

1/19/2010 10:26pm,
I assume so. I told him that if he didn't receive the check by Tuesday, to call me and I sent him my cell number.

Oh, BTW Shawn, I just got the poster on Monday.

Again, my apologies for the fubarness of this Shawn.

Happy New Year

I don't want apologies..i want you to pay for the items and quit dicking around.


1/21/2010 6:25pm,
Payment received..
About 50% of this was attributable to screw ups on the part of third parties and misinformation..the other 50% was just outright playing games.
For what reason, I have no idea.:jerkit2yf
I am just glad the poster and items went somewhere they will be appreciated.
I only need one more TPB and I will have all the Garth Ennis-scripted Punisher comics (both MAX and MARVEL KNIGHTS).I am waiting for ARMY OF ONE to arrive in the mail.:XXjester::new_2guns
Hooray !

It is Fake
1/21/2010 6:36pm,
The only person that should be allowed to write Punisher comics.

6/08/2013 10:16pm,
Ive made a few purchases through the classifieds and had no major issues. Wondering if anyone has any Jeet Kune Do training vids or any other written training material.

Ive checked out http://www.fightwithice.com/ but I havent been able to find much else on the net.