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2/06/2004 10:57am,
I swore, I fucking swore that when Harry Potter became all the freaking rage I would never read those books or see those movies.

This is what happens when you have WAY too much vacation time.

Was sitting around one night and a Turkish friend of mine was like "hey, wanna watch the Harry Potter movies?" Seeing as I'd been sitting there blankly staring at annoying as hell Japanese talk shows for over an hour I said "sure".

Before I knew it I was enjoying myself, damnit. The two movies were great, very entertaining, just a lot of fun.

Then I was staring at the books for sale at the Kansai Gaidai university book store, but they were like 1,200 yen each ($12, way too much) so I used that weak ass file sharing system DC++ (as featured in my "I'm bad" thread) and got all 5 books.

In a bit under 2 weeks I read them all: 270 some odd pages, 300, 380, 480, and finally a whopping 910..... that's a lot of damned Harry Potter.

I was really surprised at how much they changed with time. Still had a quirky sense of humor (some guy out there compared it to lovecraft, perhaps I'll read something by him) throughout, but as Harry gets older the stories slowly mature and get darker. Rowling has a real nice style about her and I just find myself caring about characters that a year ago I loathed the very mention of.

My roommate had read them before and kept telling me about how "stupid he is in the last book", and as I read it I really saw what he was talking about, but unlike my roommate I think I saw why.... he's 15, throughout the book he's self-centered and short tempered, thinks he knows best, and doesn't always stop to consider that others may know what they're talking about. Why? BECAUSE HE'S 15!

I was an idiot at 15, and so were all of you! No matter how smart we think we are when we're kids, if any of us met our pubescent selves and tried to have a conversation we'd be marveling at how we managed not to swallow our own tounges and die (results may vary). It's a whole "comming of age thing".

Anywho, confession is good for the soul..... back to your normal lives.

What has become of me?!

2/06/2004 11:01am,
Have to disagree with you Dai, the Harry Potter books for me made magic seem mundane, didn't seem to be written with any wonder in them, just a famous five become wizards sort of thing. Try the Pullman books instead, much better read (and less annoying protagonist)

deus ex machina
2/06/2004 11:02am,
You're a fag.

The Wastrel
2/06/2004 11:35am,
I can almost hear your muscles atrophy.

2/06/2004 12:10pm,
harry potter movies give me an inkling as to what a frontal lobotamy must do to someone

sidenote: the lastest edition to the Potter franchise is set to shatter any previous budget for a film, woohoo, i can't wait

2/06/2004 12:18pm,
deux, why am I cigerette? Or is that Dai?

2/06/2004 1:06pm,
I'm pretty sure I am the cigarette.

This **** is insidious.... argh. Me one year ago would be pounding the hell out of me now >_<

2/06/2004 1:17pm,
Quicky, we must cleanse your eyes! We haven't a moment to waste *hands over boiling bleach*

...now....this might hurt a bit.....

2/06/2004 1:37pm,
I've read all those books man. I read alot because I never fall alseep until very late. I've always read like a maniac. I've read so many books I cant keep track of them anymore. Most of them are non fiction but I enjoy a story as much as the next person.

Reading is good for you you bunch of no imagination having motherfukkers.....

2/06/2004 9:14pm,
Thanks Peedee.

The Wastrel
2/06/2004 9:23pm,
I agree that reading is important. As important as it is, it seems foolish to trust yourself to the shenanigans of an adolescent magician.

2/06/2004 9:49pm,
I like the Harry Potter books very much, but they are NOTHING like Lovecraft. NOTHING. Not even comperable. Who ever said that was on mucho crack.

2/06/2004 11:11pm,
um, i've also read a lot of books, fortunately i haven't donated any more money to the JK Rowling world domination fund.

2/06/2004 11:50pm,
WTF is Lovecraft.

2/06/2004 11:56pm,
H. P. Lovecraft.

Wrote horror and dark fantasy. Invented the "Cthulhu" mythos cycle, that concerned Elder Gods that haunted/haunt our species and do nasty things to us on a whim. Very, very fucked up, but probably a genius. Died in 1937.

2/06/2004 11:59pm,
Pretty good stuff, considering the era it was written in. Certainly puts a weenie like Edgar Allen Poe to shame.