View Full Version : Vovinam Pomona, Ca

11/15/2009 6:20pm,
I will explain my ratings below as I believe that will give you the most effective review:

Aliveness: You can watch some Vovinam sparring on youtube to see what we do. Honestly though everyone is pretty new to some degree so there isn't a whole lot of sparring going on. Also we wear the vest thing like olympic taekwondo. Might want to look else where if your really excited about sparring.

Equipment: We have some bags but most equipment is bring your own. Honestly you don't really need that much.

Gym size: A commercial spot though its pretty small.

Instructor/student ratio: 4-8 students with one teacher. Lead instructor is the only instructor.

Attitude: Pretty positive. Since we aren't a competition based school there isn't much competitiveness.

Striking: Vovinam in my opinion is a good striking system it has good ranges in it and doesn't seem to have too much flash (at least my style) but its pretty restrictive in that sparring doesn't allow fist contact to the head and you wear the vest pad thing so you aren't going to get too used to getting punched.

Grappling: We aren't at this stage right now but there are some grappling techniques in Vovinam. It is pretty limited though and most likely if you want grappling training you aren't looking for Vovinam anyways. Grappling is limited to takedowns with out any follow up.

Weapons: We do weapons forms with standard weaponry but this isn't FMA so don't expect to be able to wack anyone with a stick.

Thanks for the opportunity to review my school.