View Full Version : Selling Kendo/Kumdo Armor **Brand New, never been used!**

11/09/2009 6:56pm,
I'm selling some Kendo/Kumdo Armor that I bought a couple of years ago.

The Armor is from GTMA, 2.5mm, and retails on the website for $549.95.

Size - L (I weigh 220 lbs./6 ft. and it fits me just fine with room to grow.)

I put it on one time to make sure it fit me, but it has never seen even one poke from a Shinai and hasn't been worn since then.

I have the tote bag and all of the acessories that go with the armor, which really isnt much anyway.

All the pieces are in extremely mint condition.. no scratches, marks, or discoloration.

I'd like to get $250.00 for it.. I'll negotiate though.

send me a PM or post me a reply.. Here's the link to the exact Armor on the GTMA/kungfu4less website, and if you're interested then I'll send you any pictures you may want of my Armor.