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11/04/2009 12:23pm,
hey guys,

I just found out that there is a new Lamar Davis Jeet Kune Do Academy near me. I honestly wasn't 100% sure if this was the right forum but I did notice they said they primarily teach Chinese Gung Fu.

I did some searching on here and came back with 'mixed results' although none of the threads were about Lamar Davis specifically.

One quote from their website (http://www.hardcorejkd.com) I find interesting is: "As usual, the main focus will be the preservation, promotion and perpetuation of the original teaching, training and fighting methods of the late Bruce Lee."

I want to clarify I absolutely think this person is legit in the sense I don't think he's a con artist or anything like that, but at least for my area of the country, 100 dollars/month is a HUGE chunk of change! And forgive me but I'm not so much asking info about this specific school (its too new) but more the training methodologies this man has offered in the past.

As always, any insight or informed opinion greatly appreciated!


11/04/2009 12:37pm,
This doesn't belong in the reviews section unless you've actually tried class there. Start a thread in YMAS or, after you've actually done some research, MABS.

I will say that 100/month is entirely reasonable for martial arts. For instance, other martial arts schools near Leeds, AL apparently charge similar amounts, for example

http://www.worldoyama.com/Main.html ($99 for an intro month)

Other school sites don't list rates, but I would be surprised if they're under $85/month. For instance, at least this one has a full-time instructor (ie, the dojo pays for his life): http://www.bhammartialarts.com/faq.html

What do you pay, and where?

That being said, Lamar Davis' school looks like early-form JKD, which is to say, heavily Wing Chun influenced. I doubt I would be interested in his school.

11/04/2009 1:50pm,
My understanding from what I know of Lamar Davis is that he has tried to get experience and training under instructors from the three main phases of JKD's development, the Seattle, Oakland, and LA eras. In doing so, he is trying to unite the various progressions of JKD under one banner. Some of it will look very much like Wing Chun in is movement and some will look like what those from later years learned such as Poteet, and some will look more like JKD concepts that Guro Inosanto teaches. Bottom line is that 100 bucks is perfectly normal depending on the number of classes being offered on a weekly basis and you should get a pretty good set of stand up empty hand skills from the training.

11/04/2009 10:34pm,
Dude, Lamar is the real deal, if you want to learn Original Jeet Kune Do as Bruce Lee does it in his time, you can learn from Lamar.

11/04/2009 11:38pm,
Dude, Lamar is the real deal, if you want to learn Original Jeet Kune Do as Bruce Lee does it in his time, you can learn from Lamar.

If you've actually trained at the facility, it would be great if you could review it so this thread isn't a total waste.

11/30/2009 10:29pm,
I would like to preface this post by saying that I have not attended 1 class at Sifu Davis' new facilities in Leeds. I did not rank the gym size b/c I have no basis to do so.

I have trained under Sifu Davis at various times in my life and It is by far the most realistic combat training you will find. His fight philosophy is total destruction of your opponent

I have tried schools in various arts from Alabama to LA and I have never encountered an instructor as passionate and dedicated to his art as Sifu Davis is, all while being an incredibly nice guy to boot.

You might be able to find a strip mall sensei in the area to "steal" $75 bucks a month from you but, I would personally opt to pay $150 (include the monthly seminar for $50 if at all possible).

I do not mean to sound like I am trying to sell this kwoon; I just want you to know that you really will not be wasting your hard earned cheddar.

Sifu does not teach grappling per se, however there are many holds and traps within JKD. He does make a lot of his own high quality training gear, something Sijo Lee used to do as well.

I will be moving back to Birmingham and training at Hardcore Jeet Kune Do in the very near future and hope to spar against you soon.


Don't bring any crappy Century sparring gear to class or you will be dead