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10/28/2009 9:54am,
I stopped by Champion Tae Kwon Do Academy a few weeks ago to observe a few classes after looking at the school's website. The dojang is owned by Master H.S. Chung, and is located on the second floor above Randy's Pizza in the Hope Valley section of Durham. Upon meeting Master Chung, I recognized him immediately, since we pretty much came from the same World Tae Kwon Do Center dojangs. (I studied under Master Michelle Gordon, and he studied under Master You Am You in High Point, NC).

He greeted me and began his selling pitch about winning numerous state, national and international open tournaments and his training with many World Cup Champions and Olympic Gold medalists. He also spoke about being one of the last disciples of Master J. S. Chang, former director of Korea National Hap Ki Do Association and a head master of HaeDong Shim Gumdo. When I told him that I remembered him from Master You's dojang, he immediately became a little suspicious of me. I explained that I remembered him as a teenager, just arriving from Korea and being part of Master You's Demonstration Team. (At the time when I met him, he was a very inexperienced 3rd Dan. I remember Master You trying to teach him some of the advanced kicks and some breaking techniques for an inter-school tournament that Grandmaster Lee was hosting. Although, inexperienced, young Chung had the typical arrogance that most young guys have and seemed to get angry whenever Master You corrected him.) After briefly talking to him about old times, he explained that he needed to prepare for an upcoming class and quickly went to his office. About ten minutes later, he reappeared as students began arriving for class.

After about 15 minutes of basic exercises, he quickly ran the students (two teens and three adults) through 10 minutes of basic kicks, then proceeded to work on poomse (Tae **** Il Jang - Tae **** Sam Jang). After spending 20 minutes on poomse, he began teaching self-defense techniques for the last 5 minutes of his 50 minute class. The students seemed to be enthusiastic about what they were learning, but Master Chung didn't seem the least be happy about what he was teaching. I sure hope my visit didn't put a damper on his spirits. Maybe I will come back another time and watch from outside of his dojang to get a better view of his class. So before I can honestly continue my critique of Champion Tae Kwon Do Academy, I will go back to the dojang and watch a few more classes.


Well, I'm back from watching more of those classes at Champion's Tae Kwon Do, and I can say Master H.S. Chung (I wonder if the H.S. stands for Hot ****) is still full of himself. He still teaches pretty much the way I first described his classes except now he has a few more students and have added more jumping jacks and some lunge stretches. His high ranking students are a few pre-teens wearing dirty uniforms with their belts sloppily wrapped Japanese style around their waist, pretending to teach a younger child his poomse. Since my last visit to Champion's I've learn that the school is affiliated with Jung's World Tae Kwon Do (See my review of Jung's) so now I know this dojang isn't very good. So, rather than continue, I'll just say that I wish Master Chung that best of luck with his dojang, he's a young guy and still has time to learn more about Tae Kwon Do teaching, but the sooner he distances himself from Jung's Tae Kwon Do, the better off he will be.

4/15/2011 1:12pm,
Hey again taekwondomaster! So where is your actual "ranking" that you are supposed to do in these forums? I think this is the fourth school I've read so far that you've bashed in Durham NC. Did it help drive students to your school?