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9/08/2009 9:26pm,
Ramsey NJ

I observed a class recently.


I believe the curriculum and instructor/s are quality.

Good information and mostly attentive teaching.

The class seemed intense and friendly enough.



Pretty much forced to buy equipment there.

No padded sparring at all

Very small gym.

9/08/2009 10:51pm,
No padded sparring? Does that mean they're sparring without pads, or they are not sparring at all?

9/09/2009 1:54pm,
No sparring at all. (KM sparring is usually in full padding so students can go full speed/strength). But yea no sparring what so ever.

Chili Pepper
9/09/2009 2:30pm,
Uh, so there's no sparring, but striking instruction merits a 10??

9/09/2009 2:44pm,
how would the aliveness be 8 with no sparring at all? a striking ranking of 10, what a-level competitors does your school put out? maybe you should read the guidelines before rating your school?

9/10/2009 6:46am,
The instruction on striking was excellent. There are drills that allow you to understand these strikes and get a good amount of practice like one person coming at you, one after the other as you burst, knee and take them down but again, there is no sparring at the end of class like you would see in many martial art schools. I guess I'll drop it down. Aliveness, I guess I was being a bit lenient.

Thanks for the pointers

9/10/2009 10:34am,
You're still too lenient, the aliveness you described would correspond to a 2-3 rating, also the striking/grappling should probally not be above a 5 considering noone from your school apparentally has competitive experience.

9/10/2009 5:41pm,
True, sparring is big... ok these are final. done did it. By the way, this is not my school as I chose not to enroll. The scores now fully support that decision. =D

This place is not for me; maybe for some one else who just wants to take it easy, or who is just starting with MA though.