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9/04/2009 6:48pm,
We run a small non commercial school. Our main teaching starts with 14th to 15th century longsword (German style), later on medieval wrestling and Langes Messer is added, and we sometimes make a sidesteps to other weapons.

Teaching is informal but a polite form of discipline is maintained, based on respect. Students behave disciplined without us having to demand it from them.

The numbers (in the ratings) are not precisely put, but sometimes it should be thought as: around a certain rating and not a precise figure. I did that on purpose as I do not want to overrate myself.

For example the instructor/student ratio. I put a 6 there, but we have a lot of personal attention for the students whilst we do not consider ourselves as super top instructors (we are not Olympic coaches or so) .
So, I did not give us an 8 but a 6 is a very honest rate.

We all have first aid and two instructors have CPR. For kids we have a female instructor (feels safer for the parents to trust us with their kids)

Teaching is good on average (we compare with other schools), but we always see ourselves as:

"students with different responsibilities",

meaning: no matter how long we have been teaching, we still have to train to stay on level and we never want to stop learning.

Further, after training, it can happen that we go to a bar in town and have a cool evening.

and last: next to our regular website I have a weblog, just to give everybody an idea on how the style is that we train and teach:

http://longswordfighting.blogspot.com (http://longswordfighting.blogspot.com/)

Thank you for taking time to read this review, please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Bert Bruijnen
KDF Team