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8/30/2009 8:45pm,
Its really hard to say any bad things about this headgear.
Especially for the price. Retail is 50 bucks, and I got it on sale for 30. MMA warehouse.com

I was looking to trade my competition-esque headgear for one with cheek pads. I wanted good visibility, and good protection for my head's longevity. I have to use my head a lot in my line of study and work so this was very important.

Well, I got everything I wanted.
I sparred all day last saturday. Well, that particular day there was a kickboxing champ and a boxing champ to spar with. I took a few good straights and a nice kick to my head. I also had the SE region throwdown which I attended for a good 3-4 hours. I sparred at least 6 rounds in that alone. (I usually don't go for that much in a day though.)

The headgear works like a charm. Usually, when I spar with my other headgear my head hurts and I have a headache for a day afterwards. Today, I have no headache and only have a few sore places on my head.

Visibility is excellent. It wasn't much different from my competition headgear. However, because visibility is excellent, the cheek pads and brow area together do not block punches very well; if its a well placed puch it will come through. Of course, the area is still better protected than headgear without any cheek piece.

There is no chin bar and all shots to the lower jar area is fair game.

This headgear does make you look like bomberman though. I was wondering why it was called the Bomber Headgear, until I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror.

One bad thing about this headgear would be that it absorbs quite a bit of impact. It completely absorbs light jabs and glancing blows, so if you are at a level enough to get nitpicky about certain things it might hinder your ability to judge hits you are taking.

Rating explanation:
I've had this headgear for a whole whooping two days, but its been out for a while and from what I hear it holds up extremely well. Being machine washable is probably a good testament to this. All the hardware and velcro look solid, but the chin strap might not last super long. Otherwise probably a 10!

It is very light and very flexible, but I could not give it more than a 7 due to the fact that it is sort of bulky. It is bulkier than any leather headgear I've used so far. However it certainly isn't as bulky as some of the commonly available training leather headgear I've seen.

Material/production quality:
Better than everlast, century, etc comparable brands in its price range. However, I would not say this is top knotch luxury quality. But for the price I would say this is the best you're gonna get in terms of production quality. Did I say the material is machine washable? Probably a great choice for club and gym's loaner gear if they don't mind the lack of chin protection.

I was looking for protection around my head and not much in the face, so I give it a 9. It would be a 10 except the cheek protection is nothing special.