View Full Version : ASA Clearance Sale!

7/04/2009 3:48pm,
Hi all,

We are having a clearance sale at www.remixdojo.com - the official ASA store!

All remaining stock on ASA Grappling shorts are only $20 + shipping! We have red, blue and black in limited stock left, so take advantage soon and represent the ASA at your next tournament!


We are also selling our 2005 Unity Classic Tournament DVD for only $10 + shipping!

We are clearing out our stock for new products, so advantage while supplies last!

7/04/2009 4:50pm,
Those are pretty cool, they look like SPRAWL shorts.

Tom Kagan
7/04/2009 5:55pm,
Those are pretty cool, they look like SPRAWL shorts.

Sambosteve's shorts are good, but they are different than the sprawl. They remind me of the older FCFighter board shorts.

BTW, the 2005 Sambo classic DVD is slick! Order your copy now while supplies last!

7/05/2009 12:40am,
Oh dear. I will certainly have to buy a pair of these.

7/07/2009 1:17pm,
Just wanted to gush some praise -

Some time ago, I was in the market for a reasonably priced kurtka, having managed to find the usual el-cheapo online stores somewhat...interesting to deal with.

Steve posted on a thread of mine; I subsequently contacted him and arranged to buy some surplus stock for a *very* reasonable price.

Here's the kicker: not only was Steve willing to sell me this stuff, but after we'd agreed on the price - and the post office managed to over charge him - he absorbed the cost. He also offered to take the kurtka back and replace them for a diff size in-case they didn't fit.

That's the kind of gesture one does not for profit but love of the game.

Now - don't all go crazy buggin him for merchandising deals, but if you *do* have a chance to buy anything from him, do it. Sight unseen. In my experience, Steve's a great guy to deal with and his merch is top notch.

Shilling over. Go about your business.

7/07/2009 4:32pm,
Thanks! I am glad the jackets worked out for you!

They were pretty much the last of my stock...until we get our new Hadjiev jackets. It was worth the sale. Just glad to see sambo get around :)