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6/11/2009 1:48pm,
Recently, I lost my dentist-made custom guard. To replace it, I got a Shock Doctor Pro, but the rigid outer plastic shell was kind fo uncomfortable. Also, I'd been finding flecks of blue gel in my teeth, which led me to beleive the thing was coming apart. I wanted another custom guard. Frankly, I was spoiled, and another boil and bite wouldn't do.

Now, I have to preface this by saying that I don't flinch at paying a lot for a mouthguard. I've lost some teeth, (once as a kid while skateboarding, and again as an adult while taking a bite out of a charging prop's head during a rugby match) and don't want to have to go through that again. I'm also protecting a pretty expensive upper bridge, and if that gets damaged, I have to walk around looking like Cletus the Slack-Jawed yokel for at least a couple of days.

I asked around the gym, and found an endorsement on this site, checked prices and delivery turn-around time, and decided on Gladiator.

I filled out an order online, and 2 days later the kit came.

You get 2 trays, and 2 boxes of different colored paste, and lengthy instructions.

Read the instructions. Twice. They are a little complicated and you need to do it right. You only get 2 shots to make a good mold, and if you mess it up they send you more, but it costs you. I was careful and still managed to mess one up, luckily the other was good.

I sent it all off, and a few days later got a message that there was a problem with some paper work (I had forgotten to fill out a form. Not a big deal and the problem was solved immediately. Also, the guy I talked to was professional, helpful and polite. Kinda rare in customer service these days).

My 2 guards arrived (I paid 1/2 price for the 2nd. As mentioned, I lose stuff) about 5 working days later. Its a much quicker turn-around time than I expected. Some companies listed up to 4 weeks.

The guards fit great, and are thicker than my last custom. By "fits great" I mean, "I forget I have it in". Seriously, it just sticks to your teeth and you have to foricbly pull it out. Its absurdly comfortable.

Guys I know have used them for quite a while, and have never had any problems, but time will tell. I tend to grind my teeth, so I can be hard on a guard.

I didn't do it (I'm boring) but you can get all kinds of custom graphics on these things. Logos, team emblems, custom colors, there are tons of options.

They also send you a permanent mold of your teeth. If you want another guard made, you just send them the mold and they make you one at a discount. Totally cool.

All in all, I'm really pleases. Totally worth.