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5/17/2009 3:33pm,
Frankly, I'm a fan of this school. This is the school I've gone to the longest, and I've found its teaching to be the most practical of all the schools I've been to.

We have three different kinds of sparring for the most part:

Still-sparring - a slow spar that gets one used to the idea of actual contact. Emphasis is on developing tactical thinking.

One-step - learning to integrate actual technique. One partner moves, the other counters.

Free Sparring - lotsa steps.

The equipment is in good shape. It's not the absolute bestest state of the art stuff, but it's durable and functional. We even keep a couple of the traditional wooden dummies around too... or we did.

The school is a pretty decent size. I know I've gone in there before and had class where there are a million and one students. It's a dedicated commercial space. Wouldn't call it anything more than that.

The instructional structure is pretty freeflow. There is a main sifu - David Ng - who teaches as well as takes care of the kwoon's administrative duties. In general, there are enough teachers to delegate teaching to students of x rank, who teach to students of y rank. The teachers in the meanwhile will go around and offer corrections and will even stop class to call out a correction.

Attitude? In a word - awesome. You've definitely got some people there who, if you let them, will intimidate the crap out of you. But the reason for that is that they're intensely interested in what they do. I found that, once the beatings were done, they were actually some of the coolest, down-to-earth folks around. I was actually glad to learn under those students.

The emphasis in this school is on striking, and that's my one complaint. There needs to be more emphasis on actual grappling. The kwoon does a lot of chin na work, but it's not so much on actual ground fighting.

The weapons training in the Kung Fu course is arguably negligible. On the other hand, in the Arnis class, it's nothing but weapons work. There is so much weapons training in there that it actually leaks into the Kung Fu classes.

So. In short. Awesome school. I'd recommend it to anyone.