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5/11/2009 7:02pm,
These Shinguard's are very good. excellently built, high quality leather, and super protection.

1. Durability: 10/10. Excellent. No problems, they are great. no scratches or any part of it coming off.

2. Flexibility: 9/10. They are flexible enough. but they are rather large, so the instep feels rather strange at first, but you'll get used to it. But they are very mobile after a while. Though if you want them for something like MMA then you might find these too big to be rolling around with them.

3. Material/ Product quality: 10/10. 100% leather so i doubt they will tear down soon. the quality is great so no complaints here.

4. Protection: 10/10. you dont feel anything with these on. nothing. great protection. if you find that you like to feel pain or think that by not feeling anything your not getting conditioned, then these shin guards are not for you. These really do protect very, very well and are quite comfortable as well.

I defenetely recommend that anybody who is unsure of what to buy for their muay thai or kickboxing classes then they should get these. you wont regret it. Kings shin guards are very good and i highly recommend. The only thing that you might find weird is that these cover your toes, but its not a big deal, youll get used to it. I got mine off of FightStuff but you can find them almost everywhere. I hear that their gloves are good too, but havent used them myself.

5/11/2009 7:07pm,
Looks like you forgot to check the box to submit the ratings. Thanks for posting.

5/11/2009 7:15pm,
good thing I put the ratings on my paragraph. but is there any way to get the pics up?