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5/11/2009 6:41pm,
So I got these gloves from Titleboxing.com when they were selling a pair. Ive used them for about two months so i figured its time to do a review.

1. Durability: 10/10. The reason I give them this score is because i haven't used them much, but for the period that i have used them they have held up great. ill update this in about 3-6 months time, or if they tear for some reason.

2. Flexibility/Mobility: 10/10. Their flexible enough. the wrist is secure and it gives enough mobility to do a proper clinch. no problems here for me.

3. Ease of use: 8/10. This is where the gloves kind of disappoint. The glove compartment is kind of tight...without hand wraps. When you add hand wraps to them they are very tight. after 3 or four sessions the tightness of them will disappear, sort of, but if you buy twins you can expect for the gloves to fit kind of tightly. I have 14 oz btw. Afterwards they are not as tight so it all turned out ok in the end.

4.Material/Production quality: 10/10: Its a very well made glove. No complaints on quality. This is probably one of the best gloves out there.

5. Protection: 10/10. Great padded gloves. they are actually softer than my fairtex, so i kind of wish i would have gotten 16oz of these to spar with people, but i might be able to get away with 14oz...though i dont think so. lol. I consider this a plus, some people might not but I have had people tell me that the gloves sometimes blind them when I punch. I guess if you hit in the right lighting you can blind them for a second. and in case your wondering, the flames are kind of shinny.

But I did have one problem with them that was kind of random. on the second try with them I got a cut inside my finger. it was more like the glove rubbed on my pinky. it was on the second joint of it, close to the first top joint. I got kind of a glove burn on my pinky and some skin came off. I wore the glove with some wraps, extra wrap on the knuckle to make the glove a bit bigger and it worked. the problem was only on the left hand glove, so maybe it was a freak accident, but just thought you guys should know.

Overall these gloves are great. I recommend twins more for sparring your partner rather than a bag since they are so soft. But they work for both sparring or bag work. you should keep in mind that you shouldn't buy these to spar AND for pad work. buy them for one or the other. you wont be dissapointed.

PS. I got these at Titleboxing.com but since they dont sell them thats why i posted fightstuff for the place I got them.

also they started to wrinkle at the top of the palm.