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5/02/2009 8:45pm,
I got fatter the longer I stayed at this school.

It was an overall bad experience for my whole family.

I regret the whole experience.

Dagon Akujin
6/11/2009 11:41pm,
^^^^^^The above place is a wonderful school!!!

If you want a daycare. LOL.

The following pictures should tell you exactly what to expect there:
^^^^^Bullshit kids.

^^^^^^Bullshit "blackbelt" kids.

^^^^^^^^A TKD school visiting China? Most of us always seem to forget that all Asians are the same.

^^^^^^^Do you want to fight like these guys? Because trainingat Lee Brothers will teach you to fight like an 11-year old.

^^^^^^Fabulous Tae Kwan Do! Shitty hair.

6/11/2009 11:50pm,
LOL they wore their gi on top of the great wall of china

6/12/2009 7:58am,
My son and I stopped into a Lee Brothers class several months ago as it was right next door to a good Mexican restaurant.

We sat and watched a kids class where there were a bunch of 8 year old black belts running around (my son was 5 at the time).

My son said "dad...how can these kids be black belts?". I said "they can't, its crap". And he said something like "it is crap."

Later he got invited to a b-day party at Lee's and everybody was supposed to wear their uniform as most of the kids take classes there. Well my boy takes bjj and shows up in his bjj gi. Some of his friends start laughing b/c he is just a white belt (w/ two stripes thank you) and his "uniform" was so different then theirs...and they all started rough-housing. A few minutes later there is a black belt crying b/c he got thrown down and another one who is mounted and can't get up.

Good stuff. BJJ for the win!

It is Fake
6/12/2009 9:11am,
I think there should be a ban on kids learning real Martial arts.

This is why TMA gets a bad rap. Why is it okay for the kids to laugh at your kid? I mean every person that comes here, downing so called sport arts, claims "TMA teaches honor and value." Hmmmm sounds like this school doesn't do that.

Snake Plissken
6/12/2009 11:16am,
I have just looked at the school's website and I am utterly disgusted. It is a hodgepodge of feely-good do-nothingness. I would not send my child there as I expect he would wind up with a black belt within three years and walk out with the impression that he knows and can do more then he actually would.

Sometimes telling kids the truth his harder then making up a story or telling a falsehood, but it is better for them in the long run. The seeming indoctrination, by all appearances, going on at this dojang is frightening. Belts are not candy and every child is not equal. Sometimes a child needs to be left behind for thier own good.

Please. Lee Brothers. For the good of the children. Stop This Madness.

6/12/2009 12:46pm,
I notice that there is no real mention of the actual art and more about the community "service" and the day care programs. As a TKD practitioner, this makes me want to yack.

Big Dozer
6/13/2009 7:33pm,
HO-LEE ****! Thats some major McDojo going on there. In the training program section you will notice the kids playing ball and and eating snacks.

6/14/2009 7:41pm,
i would say this is more of a daycare center than anything really


This Master Select Team Uniform is Representation of:

School Report Cards reflecting A’s & B’s Only

Excellent Martial Arts Skills and Flexibility

Must Be Able To Execute Excellent Splits / Dynamic Kicks / Extraordinary Balance

Role Model and Leader to Others in Daily Life, School and Martial Arts

Great Attendance in Martial Arts and School

Excellence in Performance Good Attitude, Loyalty, Respect, and Honesty Toward Others

Well that would surely make my kid feel out of place.. he only gets C's

6/15/2009 6:09am,
I have to say, I always feel genuinely bad when I see a school where the good vibes have gotten out of hand.

The heartbreak of places like this is the instructors and parents usually have very good intentions, and the general warm fuzzy they have RE the place, because it is a pleasant place and a fixture in their kids' lives, forms a protective aura around the parts of the brain responsible for critically evaluating the crap being taught there.

Then, when some "outsider" points out the emperor has new clothes, he's the asshole for fucking with a portion of the kid/parent's life. That's why when someone asks me about a class for a newbie, particularly a kid, I never take the "eh, you might as well put them in whatever until you see if they stick with it/really want to do it/get a little bigger" approach.

Because then you get the heartbreak part II - all the people we get through here that say, "I love my TKD school, but I'm older now and realize it's not teaching me much. How do I keep the people and change the training?"

It is Fake
6/15/2009 11:24am,
Good post summing up the entire problem.

I'm the same way now. I used to say TKD for the flexibility blah blah blah. Now, I tell people go watch a good Judo class or a kids BJJ class. If they are set on TKD or something else for "honor" and other things I tell them what to look for if, it is for so called self defense. In other words bullying.

1/07/2010 3:17pm,
I am a former Instrutor for this school and want to reply to all of the post and give you inside info. I liked the training it was not as as good as I thought at first because like a lot of you wrote here it is like a daycare and mostly children train there. I felt as an Instructor I was baby sitting all the time and got tired of this problem children that the parents wanted someone esle to straighten out for them. Day camp and after school are big money for the school and as long as there was money the owner was not turning it down. I grew tired of baby sitting and quit and have not rejoined and Dojo because I can't find one that is seroiusly for adults only in my area.

11/15/2010 12:54pm,
I have visited Lee Bros Tae Kwon Do - Mebane under the instruction of Master Donna Tilley 5th Dan, and was not at all impressed. In fact, to put it mildly it is a horrible school. Master Tilley isn't very good in reference to level of skill or knowledge, and is unpleasant in manner and attitude. She received her rank from Master Sang Ho Lee, but it seems that he continues to promote her in rank based on friendship, because it surely is not because of her great skill at Tae Kwon Do or her award winning personality.

4/15/2011 1:04pm,
Gosh taekwondomaster do you have anything nice to say about any school? Where is your school so we can all join and be in awe of your expert skills? Maybe someone has already posted about yours and you're mad? Just point me to your website and let us be the judge this time.