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4/21/2009 10:05am,
The Baltimore Zen Center offers three classes a week in Iron Wheel Boxing, known as Cheolryun Gwonbeop, a progressive martial art that is also a part of the spiritual practice at the Baltimore Zen Center. Though the art does draw from older practices, it is taught using more modern, sports based methodology. That said, the class is open to anyone & students do not have to be Zen practitioners.

While much of the practice at the beginner's level consists of conditioning & coordination drills & exercises, students quickly move into learning actual combative technique & then practicing it through limited engagement sparring (working only on a particular technique, etc) to hard contact open sparring.

Pads, focus mitts, & the like are provided, & students may purchase their own gloves, etc. No uniform is required. The school is small. Classes are taught out of the temple's Dharma Hall. The space is spartan, but functional & more than adequate for a small class.

Classes are very small, 6-8 students at the most. All classes are lead by JB MuSsang Jaeger, the senior instructor. Classes are occasionally led by guest instructors of various other arts brought in to expand the students' experience. The atmosphere is kept light & humorous.

The art's main focus, emphasized in the name, is on striking techniques. Students begin by learning basic boxing & kickboxing techniques, coupled with the particular strategies of Iron Wheel. In addition to being a certified instructor, MuSsang has a decade of experience as a bouncer & emphasizes pragmatism & live application in teaching BZC students.

Clinchwork and throws are taught alongside dirty boxing, along with joint locking & choking techniques. All are taught in an alive method & sparred with. However, there is no comprehensive groundfighting curriculum in Iron Wheel boxing at this point.

Stick, knife, & staff technique are taught as the student progresses. As with the unarmed portion of Iron Wheel Boxing, these are drilled in a progression toward aliveness & finally sparring. The end goal is to integrate weapon & unarmed sparring techniques.