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3/11/2009 4:32pm,
So I stumbled onto TrueProtein.com a while back and thought their approach to protein supplements was ridiculously awesome. After all, you can spend hours at GNC comparing various mixes and brands of protein.

Instead of doing that (and looking like a douche), you can just go to these guys' website and decide exactly what you want in your own custom mix. That's pretty goddamn sweet.

You know what else is sweet? Stevia. Yeah, they let you use that as a sweetener.

Anyway, I ordered this sometime last week and it finally got here. It kind of sucked because I ran out of protein a few days ago and really didn't want to bring myself to purchasing some to bridge the gap, because I'm kind of a cheapass.

But that's the great thing about TrueProtein, it's pretty damn cheap. I got a custom mix of stuff for $27.90 before shipping. They let you mix your protein with a funky little slider tool. So even the meatiest-headed meatheads can figure out how to use it (unlike some aspects of our forums, which is somewhat intentional).

Here's my mix (pre-emptive edit - I'm not a goddamn expert or biochemist, this might kill me, you, or anyone else who tries this. Consult your doctor before trying anything I write for yourself):

50% Whey Protein isolate (CFM)
25% Hydrolized Casein
10% Instantized BCAAs
05% Taurine Powder
05% L-Glutamine Powder
05% Flax Seed Oil Powder

Grape Flavor (Unsweetened)
Stevia (Sweetener)


So some of this really doesn't apply.

Taste: the grape flavor I added doesn't seem so much as a flavor as a suggestion. I'm not too disappointed because I generally just mix it with anything I've got in the fridge; soda, milk, ketchup, whatever. In the pictures, I've mixed it with diet cherry Dr. Pepper.

Energy: Well it does have Taurine in it, but so what, it's protein powder.

Mixability: Gave it a 6 because the BCAAs seem to create an almost latte-like foam. Otherwise, it's just fuckin' ducky.

Side-effects: It's goddamn protein. The side effects are not looking like a scrawny emo-douche and listening to Dashboard Confessional.

Price: $28 for 2 lbs of high quality protein powder isn't a world record, but if you can find cheaper protein you're probably getting it from China, along with a free serving of disintegrated kidneys.

Anyway, this stuff's pretty damn good, so far. But then, I stopped drinking it so I could post this and I've only ingested maybe a gram of the stuff.

Oh did I mention it comes in a plastic bag? Yeah, complete with a free zip tie. If you want a proper bottle you have to pay extra. Then again, if you're buying protein off the Internet you probably have a few old bottles lying around anyway.

3/11/2009 4:40pm,
so wait... you had a **** ton of white powder shipped to you in a clear plastic bag? oh, the opportunities

3/11/2009 5:35pm,
Thanks for the review. I've heard good things about Trueprotein. Do they ship internationally? I assume that they would need to use different packaging if so.

3/11/2009 8:35pm,
This is freaky. My order just arrived today.

I ordered six one-pound servings of their milk protein isolate (http://www.trueprotein.com/Product_Details.aspx?cid=22&pid=70). Five variations on chocolate and one pound of mango - it'll probably be gross, but I'm a sucker for mango.

Anyways, you should get a coupon code to give out so you can get free protein (and then give me some of it, of course).

And yes, they do ship internationally. Their Canadian shipping is guaranteed to include all of the duty, tax, etc., which I really appreciate. Outside of US and Canada, though, you have to pay for the jugs for shipping.