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6/13/2009 12:24am,
Every once in a while this topic comes up, and I just now realized that it's really missing the point. You shouldn't be thinking of what throws you should be working on. That's an individual thing.

What you need to think about is what grips fit your body type. And for people tall and skinny as me the obvious answer is overhead grips: back, back of collar and belt. We can take those right at the outset without having to force him to bend first.

From there, work that grip and come up with appropriate throws as he kuzushis himself trying to escape. Forward? Sumi gaeshi, tomoe nage, tai otoshi. Backward? ouchi gari, ankle pick. Sideways? Pickup singles, crotch throws, gator roll.

Of course i'm assuming you can sprawl.

6/13/2009 2:06am,
I'm glad this got necroed, because it made me reread it and I understand a lot of the things the OP is telling me that I didn't get or couldn't visualize the first time. Good applicable advice for me. I think I can envision it pretty well, but I'd like to see the osoto to makikomi in a video.

Does anyone have advice for a feint or setup to let you land osoto? It's one of my 2 sorta-decent throws but no one lets me get in close enough to use it anymore, so I'm left with only a sorta-decent uchi mata and a bad kouchi gari.

6/13/2009 12:23pm,
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6/14/2009 11:40am,
Russian Overhand:

YouTube - Russian Style Harai (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7WlcwRJxT0)

On a fucking basketball court.
it is a wrestling mat, a stiff-looking one though

Osoto-gari is a horrible idea vs the Khabarelli grip, this is a good illustration as to why. Ugh!