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3/07/2009 8:20pm,
So I was in the market for a body protector and not being to familiar with other brands, I knew everlast was a good name so I decided to go with them. The sole purpose of this body protector was for coaching, so focus mitt work would be more fluid, I don't see anyone using this for sparring unless you just want to clown around. The advanced body protector comes in two versions an mma version which is a little thicker (as reviewed) and the traditional boxer version (yellow). I ordered this product from everlast.com, I saw it was on sale, and may still be for $79.99. Placed the order, no tracking number as it was shipped USPS, but arrived within 4 business days.

The body protector (BP from here on out), looked fairly sturdy, and looked like it could take a hit. Stitching looks solid although it is single stitched, but have no complaints as it is still in good condition after over 40 hours of heavy use. Used it with both thai pad work and traditional focus mitt work. The padding has gotten a little bit denser, but I expected that. Great for working on counter punching and attacks, don't have to move a focus mitt over and around various body positions and can take moderate kicks. I don't think it was intended to take on full blown heavy hitting kicking sessions, we used thai pads anyway, but good for teeps and other stop hits. Had a few 200 - 240lbs guys with some smaller guys 140 to 180lbs holding, wail away with heavy punches and moderate kicks, and the blows were very tolerable. It's a good idea anyway though to get your body ready like you were about to take a really hard shot anyway. Knees could be done, but I think you still have to take a little off for safety's sake. As for mobility it does hinder some movements like reaching down to tie a shoe because your midsection can't bend too much because of the padding (that's something I really don't mind anyway). It is secured by three clip and lock or hook and loop mechanisms in the back, which are fairly easy to adjust and lock onto both big and small training partners. You do need someone to tighten it up for you if you are holding, that way it fits nice and snug. The fact that you can now take more shots makes counter striking and flurry work more fluid. My only complaint is, like any other heavily used piece of gear that involves sweat, can collect odors, so spray it down with some febreeze or something similar. Overall great product would purchase another one and would recommend to to others.

Omega Supreme
3/08/2009 4:57am,
Gauranteed not worth the money. There are several others I would recommend over that for the same or less money.

3/23/2009 2:14pm,
Did you want to add ratings as well?


3/29/2009 9:32am,
sorry, just posted ratings, thanks