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2/09/2009 4:23pm,
The simplest way to describe the school is very traditional with a heavy emphasis on application but not a "coachey" environment. Basically you're expected to come to class, learn a few movements of a form very precisely, then go home and practice that movement about 1000 times until it's perfected. If you don't show initiative the teacher will not bother to work with you.

The class is run by Bomani Magharibi (http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=60137061). He is a very friendly Mwalimu that will help whenever needed but sometimes you have to be forward and ask for help. Mr. Magharibi practices Changquan, Baguazhang, Xing-Yi, and Tai Chi. I take classes in Chanquan. I'm not really sure what belt he is in those arts, but I do know he is very proud of his lineage and would gladly talk about it.

There are different classes for different days and hours but all students are welcome to come in and train whenever. The changquan classes I go to will start with a 10-15 minute warm-up which includes stretches, a lil bit of modified sit-ups/push-ups, and strikes. If you go hard its hard, if you go easy its easy, he doesn't babysit you for this. If you're doing something wrong or weak he will correct you and make a comment along the lines about how young people today are lazy or something.

Next you go over your forms with a higher ranking student teaching you (which is usually his son who is a freaking beast, I have some cool stories about him). That goes on for 45 minutes. The forms are expected to be done with power speed and precision. Even at the hight of my endurance training (which was when I was doing 7 minute log rolls, 5 minute wallies, and 5 mile runs) the forms are taxing.

Some strikes feel unnecessary to me in our forms. Finger strikes to the throat? Scraping punch? I'm constantly asking about application. I have found some love for some of the odder strikes like swing punch, chopping punch, and this grab where you grab the flesh and twist (never used it scrapping but when I'm tooling around with friends I get 'em with it and it leaves at leasts a 3 day bruise). I've knocked someone out with a swing punch and smacked someone around with some chopping punches but I really prefer jab, cross, hook (working on uppercut, haven't got a clean one off yet).

Back on topic, sparring class begins! Beginners have drills where you have a pre-set of motions but light-medium contact no gear. It hurts and you get bruised up every time (eventually less and less) but I feel it helps alot especially as a beginner. I boxed an amateur boxer (as a beginner myself) who definitely out-classed me in his sport (and he had 20 lbs on me) but at the end his fore-arms were black and blue.

Anyone can spar but it's not mandatory. We use gloves, headgear, footpads, shinguards (our own stuff) and the other essentials. Either we break after any clean defined strike or we go for two minute rounds, cycling between students. This was just about the most fun I've had in my life when there is someone my size to fight. When there isn't I spar Hasani (the instructors son) who beats the **** outta me.

Rarely they do grappling. The space permits it but there are no mats.

Friday we used to go to this other school and spar them. Looking for a new group of people to spar against since we won all the time.

Benefitting from this school requires hours of form practice, lifting weights and running on your own, and willingness to spar. Not really sure what else to say but if you ask I'll try to answer.:bully: :bully: For more info check out http://www.freewebs.com/5element-kung-fu-wu-su/links.htm

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plaz,l will like to one these styles ,will u teache and help me.

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Too long, did not read. Put up scores for us please :)

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Have you ever done any other martial arts? Have you competed at all in full contact tournaments?