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1/24/2009 5:26pm,
Anderson Silva Striking manual.

i hope i can give a none biased explanation of the manual, overall i wasnt that impressed by it.

Presentation / Production Quality: 9
The manual is big in size, the pictures are clear and full colour, and its well written, paper quality is high, nothing to complain about, its 272 pages in total.

Technique Quality: 6
About half of the book is dedicated to explaining basics such as jabbing, throwing low kicks and side stepping, the redeeming qualities is some decent combinations, striking to clinching and counters.
Anderson likes some T3H D34DlY moves like reverse elbows and side kicks, so not all of it is practical unless you are Anderson Silva.
keep in mind, there is no clinch fighting at all, save for the basic muay-thai clinch/knee. so that is disappointing, overall this book doesnt offer anything you didnt already know if you practiced muay-thai for some time.

Instruction Quality: 8
Its good instruction, however its for basic moves, so how much detail do you need to explain how to cross ?
The combinations have an explanation of when to use them, depending on what your opponent is doing, so thats good.

Difficulty Level: 7
i would actually give 6.5, because half of the book is single strikes, which are obviously easy to do, there arent any tornado dragon vertical heel kicks in this book, your standard punch/kick/knee stuff, the combos and counters arent difficult per-say but will take some time to practise.

Overall impression:
The book gives you the basics for striking, and some reverse spinning elbows for good measure, i was hoping for clinch work but there is none, as a striker there was little i didnt already know, however if you are primarily a grappler or just learning to strike this book might be a good supplementary material to fall back on incase you forgot some details. its $27 so isnt that expensive.
but this book teaches you striking for striking, not as a set-up for grappling, so even in the combos to clinches part all of them end into thai or dirty boxing clinch, dont expect to see over-under. And no attention is paid to where you should hold them exactly and how, beyond the usual (i wrap my hand around his neck and drive me knee into his solar plexus).

overall rating: 7/10

2/24/2009 1:43pm,

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6/27/2009 1:57pm,
added the ratings, its an okay book