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1/03/2009 6:50pm,
Who finds this anti-gun commercial awesome?

YouTube - Slow motion bullet through various objects (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emP5D9Klssg)

Sometimes it seems like people for gun control do a good job of making firearms seem desirable. In this ad, they actually make their targets exploding into artwork.

As opposed to deterring me from firearms, this sort of thing gets me thinking about the physics behind rounds, which brings up an almost ancient question: What is your round of choice? Did a search and was blown away that I couldn't find a thread on the subject. No forum is complete without it! Be it for handguns, rifles, or shotgun gauges, what do you prefer? The question is not situationally specific, so feel free to give different rounds for different situations (i.e. 12 gauge for nazi invasion, .20 gauge for an attack on your home by midget ninjas). Get creative!

My favorites, and what I have chambered for them:

.45 Hydroshock : Colt 1911 (M1991A1 ORM) For its pure badassery
.9mm Hollowpoint : Glock 19 (rented, looking to buy) extremely efficient carry
.223/5.56 : AR-15 (DPMS w/ Bull Barrel) lightweight, high cap, deadly accurate
.12GA 00 Buck (Benelli M4, saving money) another one for pure badassery

I'm at work, bored, no business, running on 3 hours sleep. I expect to see some good posts, or I'll be quite disappointed!

Kentucky Fried Chokin
1/03/2009 7:16pm,
I really thought the kid was going to get it.

1/03/2009 7:31pm,
I did too before. My inner bitch even came out and I winced.

1/04/2009 1:40am,
For practical purposes I lean towards .45 ACP for pistols. I also am quite fond of the 10mm, but the only gun I have in that caliber is an old Delta Gold Cup that could use a good gunsmith, so I can't list it as my favorite (yet).

.357 mag and .38sp are also quite fun. I have a Smith with a six inch barrel that recoils soft as a kitten with .38 loads.

For rifles, most of my needs are well suited by .223, but I shoot a lot of 7.62x39 because of the price and have a bolt action in .270 because its a badass round. I really like the looks of the 6.5 Grendel but don't have a platform to shoot it with.

1/04/2009 1:57am,
6.5 is an awesome round. Its fairly new, though, so not many people actually DO have a platform to shoot it. I think you can caliber an AR-15 in one with a quick upper and magazine change, however. I'm not quite sure though. Regardless, very accurate with good power. I want one myself.

Kentucky Fried Chokin
1/04/2009 3:12am,
Yeah, a 10mm would have totally wrecked that kid's head.

1/04/2009 2:43pm,
00 12ga and 20ga, and the same for slugs.

.223 is good as is 7.62x51, and for pistols I like .40 S&W and .357 magnum, but I don't actually own any pistols yet.

I'm not a huge fan of 7.62x54R. In the rifles I've fired it out of I never seem to group them as tightly as I'd like, even using a bench rest.

1/04/2009 2:45pm,
I always liked the water bottle one, you can see the rotation of the bullet in the water.

1/08/2009 10:36am,
.45 Hydroshock : Colt 1911 (M1991A1 ORM) For its pure badassery

Despite its age, it's still a respectable load. The ballistics tests, though, show that it expands more reliably without the post in the middle, especially after being clogged with non-fleshy materials (cloth, etc).

Have you tried the new Federal HST loads? These are fast becoming a favorite in the law enforcement community.

.9mm Hollowpoint : Glock 19 (rented, looking to buy) extremely efficient carry

Good combination of all features (respectable caliber, good capacity, reliability, accuracy, concealability).

.223/5.56 : AR-15 (DPMS w/ Bull Barrel) lightweight, high cap, deadly accurate

What's your barrel twist on that?

1/08/2009 10:12pm,
Not sure about the barrel twist. I'm actually looking to do a caliber conversion to 6.5 or 6.8. I'll try to get more specs on it.