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12/28/2008 8:15pm,
Has anybody tried musclespeed? I just saw an ad for it today, and I've not been able to find a single reference to it other than the website that sells it (which might just have a little bias). I always try to find consumer feedback on a product before I buy it, so any info bullshido might have would be very helpful.

1/19/2010 6:18pm,
i havent tried musclespeed but i have heard of them. i have tried and continue to use a similar product called elite mind and body or eliteMB. im on my second bottle. it works great. i do notice a boost in my physical energy as well as in the feeling of having a clear head. their website is www.myelitemb.com (http://www.myelitemb.com) ...check it out....best of luck...hope this helps

2/05/2010 1:32pm,
I know this one because i've been using it since the summer. The cool thing is that I can take the pills with me anywhere. Anytime I need the extra boost, I just reach for them.

Alright, gotta say i wasn't sure at first, but man, this stuff really kicks ass. I've tried a lot of pre workouts but for me it works the best. There is something about the focus i get that really like. Training sessions are always great. I also workout with weights and that's were i notice it the most. Even thought the site says it's for fighters, it kicks ass int he gym too. As far as power and speed well, the power differently but the speed is hard to tell. Am I really faster? Sometimes i like to think so. But did notice my strength and endurance go up a lot with it. This supplement is A+. For me, its pretty much a staple.

8/16/2010 5:47pm,
Awesome, thanks for the feedback you guys! I hadn't been on the BS forums in awhile, but I always try to get consumer information before buying something. Right now I take vitamin pills etc but the only performance aid I take is creatine pills. Next time I see some MuscleSpeed I'll pick it up!