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12/05/2008 2:25pm,
Hidden Path Martial Arts is a strong and vibrant school. Centrally located, it is easily accessible. The building is less than a year old and has Asian -inspired decor. Mats are new and designed for premium stand-up use. A smaller fold-out mat is used for ground work. Generous gender-specific changes rooms available. All focus targets, pads, shields, etc are in like new condition. Only 2 wave masters available.

Head Instructor Kim Bauman supervises 99% of classes. Several instructor trainees assist. Guest instructors are sometimes offered. Instructor Bauman is sometimes co-teaching with her adult son. It is not unusual for them to do cals and other activities alongside the students.

Classes will make you sweat but probably not drop. Depending on a new student's fitness level, they may experience some fatigue after classes. This passes quickly. Mixed level classes mean that new students are adequately supported. The students are multi-cultural and in age ranges 3-63. However, there are not a lot of 19-25 year olds at this time.

The school has 7 karate classes a week, 2 yoga classes, 3 weapons classes, 1 competition team class, and a children's class each week. Class length is 45 minutes but in all honesty we often "run-over" a few minutes.

Competition team participates in point sparring, forms, weapons. They have travelled to New York, Florida, Michigan, etc. We have a very healthy trophy rack, for those who enjoy it. Try-outs for Competition Team Rain are held annually.
Our school is one of the most affordable in the area, and yet our students have one of the widest martial arts experiences available.

Our students under the age of 16 are awarded Junior Grade black belts, as noted on our Dan registry. If they are actively training at age 16 their rank can be converted to full dan.

Classes work hard on fitness, basic self-defense, self-control, discipline, and focus. The average Joe will find more courage than they expected. Kids will gain focus and maturity. Instructor Bauman is a registered nurse and certified CPR instructor and has strengths in assisting challenged individuals, including ADHD. The group environment contributes to strong social skills. Sparring intensity level varies by age and ability. Adult male black belts spar much harder than kids...naturally.
Our dojo is a mix of Korean and Japanese. Our competition team competes with Japanese kata. Our mainstream classes are Korean. It works for us. All students are expected to strongly support each other.
No contracts, quarterly payments.
Interested people are strongly encouraged to watch a class prior to joining. No joining fee. No refunds of the tuition if you quit. Free uniform with initial quarterly payment.
Belt test fees start small and get larger.
This is not a fight club. Hidden Path Arts is a traditional style sport club promoting athleticism and martial techniques and spirit.
We respect the various other martial arts and the people they serve.
We educate our students to understand that a black belt is not a cape.
We acknowledge that in a fight, size counts. Students are taught how to avoid and deal with confrontations of the type that are typically experienced in our area.


Sam Browning
12/05/2008 3:00pm,
Okay, now thats a decent review. It should also be noted that the reviewer is the owner/instructor, but she should be given credit for giving a realistic number spread. (as verses everything coming back a 10).

12/05/2008 3:07pm,
Thank you. I may be trainable. I appreciate your candor.

12/05/2008 3:09pm,
I would go so far as to state AWSOME REVIEW. To see somone follow the rules when doing a review says alot. Sounds like a great school!

12/05/2008 3:13pm,
Agreed, this is a much better review than the one previously posted. Very much appreciated. Thanks, and good luck with the school.

12/05/2008 3:33pm,
Thanks, E-Van. Part of my soul belongs to MA. If I was younger, I would work harder on grappling! It is where I am weak!

12/05/2008 3:36pm,
Hey Mas, I appreciate your patience with me. May you always land right side up.

12/05/2008 3:40pm,
Yes cool points should be awarded for what seems to be a fair and accurate review by the owner/Instructor .

It sounds like you have a nice place there .

12/05/2008 3:43pm,
CK, nice to see you again. After cleaning the egg off my face, everything is clearer!!

12/05/2008 7:08pm,
Hey Mas, I appreciate your patience with me. May you always land right side up.
I appreciate that you came back and wrote another review, (though landing right side up is hard sometimes in Judo).

I think you'll find that we (most of us anyways, deep down, somewhere in there) have good intentions; furthermore, I should probably apologize, I may have judged too harshly at first.

12/05/2008 7:30pm,
Echoing everyone else, nice review! Glad you came back and gave it another shot.