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11/24/2008 12:45pm,
If anybody is looking at purchasing one of these anytime soon, caveat emptor.

Armalite is going to be hard to get and I am having my FFL guy check out DPMS for me. I checked on CMMG lower receivers and contacted them regarding this product;

New CMMG G3 Mag Compatible .308 Stripped Lower

CMMG is proud to offer our new .308 G3 mag compatible semi-auto lower. Upper is compatible with DPMS .308 upper receivers with minor modification to upper receiver to allow for clearance of wider G3 magazine. With new mags available $3-5, this is a combo that cannot be beat. Lower is compatible with most popular aftermarket triggers currently on the market. We are accepting pre-orders. We are looking to begin shipping the month of Sept.
$499.95 :shock:
http://cmmginc.secure-mall.com/shop/?cart=1363929&cat=38 (http://cmmginc.secure-mall.com/shop/?cart=1363929&cat=38)&

The cheap price of G3 mags compared to the DPMS and Armalite compatible mags makes this look like a potentially good buy, but the upper receiver modifications are a little worrisome to me. I contacted CMMG to inquire a little more about the modifications, and this is thier reply;

"The G3 magazine sits higher then the LR-308 magazine and the LR-308 upper receiver will have to be opened up to allow the G3 mag to be inserted fully. We expect to be able to offer the service for less then $50 but have not finalized pricing yet as we are also working on a upper receiver that will need no modifications.
Thank You,
PO Box 369
Fayette, MO 65248
(660)248-2290 (FAX)
[email protected] ([email protected])

I still have some reservations about the price, obviously. But if you just have to get an AR-10, and intend to hold onto it, and if something weird happens to the second amendment, then maybe it might be worth the money. Otherwise I might wait to see if I can just wait it out until prices bevcome reasonable again and go for a DPMS lower for a custom build-out.

Lord Skeletor
11/26/2008 3:48pm,
While I want a couple stripped AR10 lowers...the market is too volatile right now. I've got a bunch of stripped AR15 lowers....and definitely want a non-Armalite AR10 lower, but I think that I'll just have to wait for now. Since I have a crapload of G3 mags, I might go in that direction...but the cost of the G3 lower is retarded (as are businesses who are gouging the hell out of consumers) so I won't be buying one anytime soon. I wish you luck and if you come across a reasonably priced AR10 lower ($175-$225.), let me know.

11/26/2008 3:58pm,
I have my class 3 dealer keeping an ear open for me. My caveat was "reasonably priced" as well. If he comes across anyhting, I will notify you via PM.

11/26/2008 4:34pm,
$500, holy ****.

11/26/2008 4:49pm,
That was my reaction too...

Hopefully I won't be thinking that I should have bought it at that price when I had the opportunity a few years from now.

Lord Skeletor
11/26/2008 7:32pm,
I have my class 3 dealer keeping an ear open for me. My caveat was "reasonably priced" as well. If he comes across anyhting, I will notify you via PM.

Do that...and I'll likewise do the same for you.