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11/22/2008 8:43am,
The Alnwick taekwon-do school produces a level of martial artists that General Choi would be proud of, unfortunately it also produces a few sloppy and lazy taekwon-doists that dont have the heart, drive or spirit for the martial art. This is mainly due to the idea that all people can learn martial arts, whilst this may be true, it is not true that all can understand and grasp martial arts at a masterful level. I am no master, but i know i have the potential to be one someday. This is largely down to the instructor having an open heart. I personally believe there is no such thing as too nice, but i also believe such a thing has no place in martial arts when the stufdents are of a timid nature. The club itself suffers from the oppression of health and safety nuts whom insist that are real life training be as risk free as possible. But how can it be real life if it is risk free? The equipment is of a high satandard all purpose gymnasium equipment that is designed to serve a large array of activities, from martial arts and gymnastics to tennis and football (soccer,a.k.a real football) whilst this is cost effective and easy to use, it is not as ergonomically forward towards martial arts as is needed. You may ask why a leisure centre should cater for a small martial arts club when it is set to allow over 20 activities a week. But Taekwon-do is not the only martial art available. It also has classes in Shotokan Karate, Chinese Kickboxing, MMA, DFM Kickboxing, Aikido and other independant schools. This is well over 170 people. Striking instruction is one of two primary focus points for the club(the other being patterns), as a result is is of a high standard on average. We dont concentrate on flashy kicks that have a very big wow factor but will most likely get you knocked out or seriously hurt in competition or worse on the street. Power and speed isnt the only area of training it also concentrates on striking danger areas and technique. The school is alive as a lot of traning is hands on and movement is paramount, this ties in with the atmosphere of the club. grappling is of a low standard as this is not a main focus area for Taekwon-do until much higher ranks. Weapons training is taught on occasion and is tied in with the self-defence focus. Unfortunately there is another martial arts school taking place during the same hours and have often copied our moves, stertches techniques, even our patterns. The only time it occurs is when the other class is canceled or we can find a barrier between us.

11/22/2008 10:37am,
This article needs to be revised for personal bias & the level 10 rating needs to be justified. The write-up needs to be re-done to provide a better overview of what the classes entail.

In short, review the guidelines for school reviews and follow them.