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10/27/2008 8:06am,
Do you like feeling like you are on the verge of a heart attack? Does your life feel boring without the looming threat of deadly seizure? Then BSN's NO EXPLODE is for you!

You've seen this product advertised on all the recent UFC's, maybe you've tried it before, maybe you've just wondered about it.

N.O. Explode is an awesome product, the most powerful pre workout supplement I've ever tried, but maybe it's just a bit too awesome, too powerful. Let me say that if they tweaked the formula down just a tad, I would love this stuff. It tastes incredible and mixes like a dream (like most BSN products).

It's downfall is that it will frickin kill you. Or rather, it feels like it will if you keep taking it. I'll take one scoop before a 1.5 hr workout, at let's say 9:30am. Fast-forward to noon of that same day, and my heart is pumping so fast now that even the most well-trained mariachi couldn't keep up with it's frenetic tempo. I'm pounding down huge bottles of water to rid myself of this feeling of oncoming death.

I should mention that one of my customers actually had a heart attack while using this product. Maybe it's not related, but I'm just sayin...the guy was only 29 years old. Although, he had begun to use 2-3 scoops instead of the reccomended 1-2. Other than the horrific side effects, it does give you an incredible burst of energy. If you have a superhumanly powerful resistance to stimulants, this is the product for you.

For martial arts- No fucking way. Not for me, anyhow. I like to have some energy, but you should also be calm while you are sparring to regulate your heart rate. This is definetely unecessary. Might as well do a line of coke first.

For weights- You will keep working out, maybe even do your whole workout twice, because you think if you stop moving and don't utilize the crazy adreniline surge pumping through you than maybe your heart will call you a ***** and just decide to give up on you.

I should mention that I have a very low body fat percentage, which might be somewhat credited to causing the obscene side effects I (and others) have reported from this product.
Some of my bigger customers use this with great satisfaction.

Directions: Consult your lawyer on creating a will, then take 20-30 minutes prior to workout.

Frank White
10/27/2008 12:35pm,
I'm going to buy some right now and snort it.

Kentucky Fried Chokin
10/27/2008 2:41pm,
You forgot the part where you get so dried out from this stuff you wake up half the night to drink water, and wake up the other half to go to the bathroom because you drank so much water. This stuff is great for lifting weights and bodybuilding, but the lack of sleep as a result offsets the benefits, for me anyway.

Frank White
10/29/2008 6:59pm,
had 3 scoops. meh...

11/04/2008 6:07pm,
I also bought this product and I couldnt aggree with you more. I have decided to only take one scoop 30 mins prework out. Befiore I followed the products advice to ramp up to two to three scoops but I stopped doing this because I could feel my heart racing sometimes to the point where I was actualy worried.

It deffinetly gives you a extra boost but at what cost? I felt very dehydrated after running and actualy had a muscle tighten up one night after using this product.

I like the effects overall and the fact that I use a smaller dose of this then recomended means I am getting even more money out of the product. But use it in moderation and drink plenty of fluids!

230 pounds

11/18/2008 10:54pm,
Very good review. I have tried this product but it messes with my sleeping schedule so i dont bother with it unless i didnt get enough sleep the day before and i need an energy boost to keep me up. The product works as advertised though.

12/15/2008 9:21am,
I can't deal with this stuff...I bought 'lemonade' flavour which tastes like regurgitated cream soda.

Deca-stack tastes worse and works better....but Superpump 250 and NanoVapor are both preferable pre-workout boosters IMHO.

1/29/2009 9:58pm,
I was taking this product and NITRIX and it totally boosted my energy and I saw some excellent gains. On these combined products, I saw some definite change and went from benching 250 to 320! Unfortunately, I suffered a spinal injury and had to quit training for a year.

I am now back on track and looking forward to using these products again.

I think they are great if you use them properly and hydrate frequently. There have been some reports that these products make you kidneys work over-time.

Frank White
6/11/2009 3:49am,
had 3 scoops. meh...

Actually, 3 scoops had me pretty damn wired. I only take this on my days off, and rarely 3 scoops. Comparible to ephedrine, IMO.

6/11/2009 5:35am,
This stuff is poison. I got the shakes after using it. My heart started racing and I felt like I had just downed a gallon of redbull.

Works, yeah, but not worth the side effects.

Matt Phillips
6/11/2009 11:44am,
Could someone post the ingredients for this stuff? Nitrous oxide is a vasodilator. It should not make you jittery. It is similar in effect to amyl nitrate (poppers), nitro glycerine and Viagra. It may raise your heart rate, but it should also lower your blood pressure.

BTW: Every time I see an add for that stuff on the back of a magazine, I think "NO-Xplode: Making the world safe from Islamo-Fascism" with a picture of a sad terrorist wearing a bomb that didn't go off.

Crazy Mike
6/12/2009 2:10pm,
I normally take a scoop before working out. I took 2 scoops to psyche myself up for training at a highly competitive class. Big mistake as I was dehydrated and drained before warm ups were done.

3/19/2010 5:17pm,
Love it for workouts although it probably doesn't help my adhd! I swear the army gives me a piss test every month because top is convinced i'm doing coke lol

5/06/2010 12:08am,
You should give him some.

Actually, 3 scoops had me pretty damn wired. I only take this on my days off, and rarely 3 scoops. Comparible to ephedrine, IMO.

Ephedrine off the top of my head, doesn't give you a pump. Might need to elaborate on that a bit more for our viewers at home.

From your personal experience on this product, do you think dosage effects diminish over time as your body gets used to it? I used to take 1-2 small pills of ephedrine before working out or BJJ (dehydrate a lot faster) but after a while I stopped noticing the same effects.

Fun review. Hope to see more.

Kentucky Fried Chokin
5/06/2010 12:12am,
Could someone post the ingredients for this stuff?

A bunch of **** that doesn't do anything, a crappy form of creatine, a **** ton of caffine.

5/22/2010 12:57pm,
I used the stuff as directed and didn't think it was working. After I ran out I noticed the difference. I lost reps on my exercises and motivation didn't last as long. Good stuff but you will drink a lot of water and piss a lot.