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10/27/2008 7:49am,
As some of you know, I now work at a supplement shop and as such am in the position to try multitudes of different types of products from every company out there. Sales reps are constantly coming in and schmoozing me by throwing tons of samples at us, big boxes full of them in fact, so soon I plan to have a whole list of comprehensive reviews up on all sorts of stuff; pre-workout, post-workout, protein shakes, weight gainers, test-boosters, whatever I can get my hands on.

Today's review is of Superpump250 by Gaspari Nutrirition. After having tried about 10 different pre-workout mixes I have settled on this one as my favorite. Before working here I had never done a full fledged pre-workout drink. Y'know, the kind loaded up with caffeine and arginine and all that, it just seemed unecessary. However, they honestly do provide great benefits in the gym, and provided that you choose the right product can give you a great burst of energy and strength without any adverse side effects.

Superpump250 mixes like ****. Well...it's okay, I guess, I've see worse. It tastes awesome, but sometimes you have little clumps on the top. Anyhow, once you get it down this stuff is incredible. You don't feel at all jittery, you are ready to get to business and it gives you a nice vascular pump.

For martial arts - Sometimes I need to wake up before a hard session, and after taking this I notice more aggressiveness and that I'm more willing to pound through conditioning drills as hard as I can for the entire round, which is always the goal. It makes you hyper as hell, without feeling like your heart will burst from your chest, so everytime you get tired you have a reserve of backup energy.

For weights- Awesome. Much bigger benefit than for martial arts. I find myself way less fatigued after my first few workouts, anf often after I finish my whole session I will find more excercises to work in while I'm there because I don't want to stop. Once again, it gives you a nice muscle 'pump' too, tight like a tiger.

Directions: take 20-30 minutes prior to workout.

10/27/2008 9:10am,
Toight loike a toiger.

Good review, thanks Mr Monkey.

2/18/2009 9:16am,
Around here...it's known on the streets as "Super Dump". Catch my drift? o.O Anyways, it's definitely tasty, show's results and isn't TOO expensive. Good product despite the mixability factor.

7/31/2009 10:47am,
After everything I heard about super dump I decided it was just a myth. I've been through 2 tubs of SP250 and like all N.O. supps it will make you go to the bathroom about 30 mins. after drinking, but nothing bad. I think it was worse with White Flood than SP250, and SP250 had better effects as full as fullness/pump and intensity/strength. I agree with original review. Its an amazing cheap product.