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10/24/2008 4:59am,
Unless you have lived under a rock you have come to know and love Bas "El Guapo" Rutten, his personality and sense of humour especialy. Reviewed here will be three of his teaching products starting with the Big DVD of combat. The first thing to mention about this DVD is that if your expecting the funny Bas then you will get your moneys worth. Bas brings his comidic aproach to the combat techniques he presents and the DVDs are really fun to watch, which is great when learning.

Some may argue that Bas may not have been the best grapler or whatever, and that would be a matter of opinion so you should know that the majority of the DVDs is made up of grapling techniques. Its dificult to rate the techniques, they are definately not bad, Bas shows many moves that he says are his own personal creations. One thing that you get from this DVD set is the feeling that Bas really went all out and is giving you everything he has, all his secrets, while some other fighters seem to be holding something back ( perhaps because they are still fighting and dont want others to know their secret) You'll find no bullshido there and overall its definately a good package to get even tho it is a bit expensive its definately worth the material that you get

Next is the Street fighting, not much to say about this except that it is great. Bas provides some very inteligent and straight forward techniques from his own street fighting and bouncer experience with some techniques from Krav Maga and Karate. It is a very funny DVD so check it out and the content is excellent

MMA workout: This is the workout Bas says that he has used himself for his fights, basicaly what you get in the package is a range of different workouts each one with a specific area such as a Muay Thai fighting tape for example, or there is a Boxing tape, and an all round workout tape. The workout tape is a good example, basicaly, in the DVD Bas will show you exercises or punch and kick combinations and either asign numbers or names to them, then during the exercises tape Bas will shout the combinations for you to do and the time to do it while motivating you the only way Bas can. The all round workout has all the combinations and exercises while the Boxing would focus on punches and the Muay Thai on punches and kicks and so on. Overall its a great tape to have when your alone and want to get motivated, you wont find many new exercises here so your paying more for the motivation than anything else. Enjoy your spending

6/28/2009 2:20pm,
Muy buena tu revisión. Me encanta el estilo jocoso del "Guapo". Uno siente que es un amigo que te enseña con sinceridad y sencillez. En sus videos de lucha extrema, sólo falta que enseñe cómo anular los golpes de codo. Aunque pienso quesu video de defensa personal no es tan práctico como yo quisiera. debo reconocer que tiene cosas útiles. Gracias por compartir tus opiniones.

8/01/2009 5:17pm,
His Street Defense video was very entertaining and had some great ideas on how to counter attackers but some of it was impractical for most of it's viewers (such as throwing a spinning front kick to an entire group of people in a club booth). Solid B on that.

His Big DVD's of Combat were a fantastic adaptation of his books. A+ on that one.

His MMA Workout Video was great. Him coaching out numbered combos is excellent and very good when you're say in a hotel room and don't have much room to do much else than shadow box). A+ on that one as well.

8/01/2009 6:41pm,
Yes, I totally agree. I have his Big DVD's of combat and it was well worth it. He definitely didn't hold anything back, even his striking DVD gave me some good pointers..

8/01/2009 6:45pm,
Totally agree, his DVD's are awesome, he definitely didn't hold anything back and goes over alot of the common submissions and some good striking.