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10/10/2008 8:33pm,
Im not sure if a playstation game falls under the category of instruction video or book, but it sure aint a movie. It fits this criteria the most and is meant to be instructional.


Kinetic Combat Review

“Learn Kung Fu skills and fight your way to fitness with EyeToy Kinetic Combat. New 'Motion Matching Technology' compares your movements with those of real martial art experts, ensuring you perform your moves correctly and allowing your personal trainers to teach, track and feed back with accuracy. Take your first martial arts master class today!”


Information to help you decide
The Fight To Fitness Starts Here!

EyeToy: Kinetic Combat is a new fitness product designed to provide a full body work out and help you learn new skills and abilities, whilst having plenty of fun along the way.
Inspired by a martial arts style known as Hung Gar Kung Fu, EyeToy: Kinetic Combat allows you to learn martial art skills to boost your fitness levels from the comfort of your own home. Also, whether you intend to undertake a fully-tailored 16 week programme or simply have a go at your favourite activities when you feel the need to exercise, there’s plenty of help on hand to ensure you get results. You can pick Matt or Anna to work as your virtual personal trainer, guiding and encouraging you through your exercises, and benefit from the knowledge and experience of Leon, a genuine virtual martial arts expert and instructor.


So what is Hung Gar Kung Fu?

The origins of Hung Gar martial arts system can be traced back to the Fukien Providence of 17th century China. Developed and tweaked over the course of the following centuries, Hung Gar is today taught to students all over the planet, each keen to learn the secrets of it power.

The Hung Gar style is comprised of a vast array of attacking and defensive movements. These movements are grouped together into different ‘animal styles’, each created to make you mentally and physically stronger.

To become a true Hung Gar Grand Master requires a lifetime of complete commitment and over the course of its colourful, mysterious history, only a handful of disciples have achieved such a level. EyeToy: Kinetic Combat is your opportunity to experience the same first steps taken by those Grand Masters, and to learn some of the moves that have been passed down verbally through the generations.


Motion Matching Technology

EyeToy: Kinetic Combat uses a highly accurate ‘motion matching’ system to offer a truly authentic martial arts training experience. During development of the product, more than 200 separate Hung Gar Kung Fu moves were motion captured using real life martial arts experts. As you work out, EyeToy: Kinetic Combat is able to compare your movements with those of the experts, thereby measuring your timing and accuracy. This enables the system to give feed back on your performance – it is able to see if you’ve stopped or are not performing a move correctly and will advise accordingly.


The Zones

The Hung Gar style of Kung Fu draws influence from the movements of different animals and this concept is in turn used by EyeToy: Kinetic Combat to group together moves and activities into four themed zones.

The ‘animal styles’ allow a wide range of movements to be undertaken and the four zones are interlinked allowing you to develop and utilize moves learned in previous zones as you progress.

The animal zones are:

Dragon: A gentle introduction to Hung Gar Kung Fu. In the Dragon zone you will learn some of the basic principles and movements of this powerful martial art.

Tiger: This zone focuses on building strength and cardiovascular fitness. Undertake activities in the Tiger zone to learn how to project your strength into more complex movements.

Mantis: Agility and balance are the prime focus of this zone, with movements requiring delicate footwork and co-ordination. The high tempo nature of activities in the Mantis zone also builds stamina.

Phoenix: This zone allows you to bring together all of the moves and techniques learned in the other zones. In the Phoenix zone you will be taught how to focus on accuracy, timing, fluidity of movements and breathing to complete the training.

The Chi Kung Zone: The Chi Kung Zone is an additional zone designed to help you to focus on breathing techniques, massage and muscular preparation to enhance your training.


Making Progress

By undertaking activities in each of the zones described previously, you will be able to develop and improve some of the crucial skills involved in martial arts. EyeToy: Kinetic Combat can also help develop your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility, range of motion, balance and coordination, especially when undertaking activities as part of a personal training plan.

If you intend to work your way through a 16 week plan in a Personal Trainer mode, the difficulty of activities and the challenges posed will increase as your skills and fitness improve.

To help you achieve noticeable results it’s worth viewing the EyeToy: Kinetic Combat experience as the sum of three individual parts: learning, practicing and application.

Learning: In each zone you will learn, develop and improve martial arts skills using new Motion Matching Technology. More than 200 separate Hung Gar moves have been motion captured using the movements of martial arts experts. By carefully watching and mimicking the movements of the on-screen outline, correcting mistakes as you go, you will learn how to perform moves accurately – you are essentially performing REAL martial arts moves.

Practicing: To test your newly acquired skills, you will need to successfully complete a number of activities by beating high-tech virtual training aids. Each zone has three games, lasting three minutes each which focus on intensive ‘anaerobic’ exercise (working your muscles rather than specifically your heart and lungs), using a powerful series of punches, kicks, and blocks.

Application: The final challenge is to spar against a virtual opponent bringing all of your moves together. Sparring is undertaken without any guidance from the in-game trainers and each opponent is represented by the animal from that particular zone (so you will spar with the Dragon in the Dragon Zone). The fight takes place across three rounds and the only way to win is by combining many of the moves learned up to that point in time.


My Opinion

EyeToy: Kinetic Combat has improved the home fitness and martial arts world. With exceptional new technology EyeToy has taken martial arts and gaming to a new level. Not only is this game good for your health but can entertain you, your family and friends on a dull, wet day. I first brought this when it came out and have not regretted it since. Although we all know that nothing is as good as a good training in the dojo, this can be a good replacement in spare time.

EyeToy: Kinetic Combat redefined the home fitness market by transforming PlayStation®2 into an interactive fitness system bringing personal fitness trainers and workout tools into the home. To ensure an unparalleled home fitness experience, the team at London Studios has applied their knowledge and skills gained from EyeToy: Kinetic to produce an even more sophisticated and refined fitness product.

Kinetic Combat has fully revolutionized the martial arts and the way we train. With a number of challenges to test skills learned during each zone we are able to develop and practice newly learned techniques with speed, agility, evasion and accuracy training.

EyeToy’s Kinetic Combat is nothing short of amazing. What first looks to be a video game bad guy’s way of learning martial arts soon shows itself to be an outstandingly created and developed game. With advanced and effective training such as the 16 week programme, the game is able to target all the body’s muscle groups whilst giving a comprehensive aerobic and anaerobic workout and thorough grounding in Hung Gar Kung Fu.

For the people with not as much time on their hands is a freestyle mode that lets the player build their own workout program under the watchful eye of the three personal trainers, or the quick play mode which lets players choose a workout at random. This mode is full of one off games that can be played competitively against family and friends.

A picture in picture screen allows you to see the trainer applying each technique; you then copy this move in the outlines given on your screen, depending on the accuracy and speed of each move you do will determine the ranked level you will receive at the end of the training session.

To achieve unprecedented levels of interaction, Kinetic Combat uses cutting edge Motion Matching Technology. This sophisticated technology means it’s able to track the player’s moves on screen with supreme precision. It can tell if a move is being performed correctly and gives personalized real-time feedback that is both encouraging and constructive.

Finally, another excellent aspect of the game is the stunning images, backgrounds, and entertaining extras. With over 25 hours of interactive classes I will admit the game can get less then original and entertaining. Thankfully the creators thought it wise to add music and images. You can select music and scenarios before routines, whether it is rock, techno, even peaceful nature sounds, what ever floats your boat you can play while training, the images are of a temple in a modern civilized city; with other peaceful scenes of nature you can select from, the level of attention the creators have made to not just the game but every aspect of it is outstanding, everything is of high quality including the stunning images.

But these things are the tip of the ice berg, it is impossible for me to go over every great and not so much, fact of this game. If you like this sort of thing; practicing in your own time on a rainy day inside. This is would be for you, but lets be honest, this will not appeal to every one. If you like some of the things above go out and buy it, give it a try. If not go back to YMAS and start bitching on some martial art dweebs. Just make sure this is not the only way you train, go to a real dojo and fight real people to?!?!

Whatever way you train with Kinetic Combat you’re guaranteed a serious hard hitting and enjoyable home workout.




Hope this helps you to decide whether or not to buy it. The game can be brought on its own or with the EyeToy. To operate the game a PlayStation2 console is needed also an EyeToy camera (with focusing lens), memory card and remote control. When you have all this it’s time to start kicking. Below is a picture of the cover and back of the casing to help you in your search for the game. But lets be honest, nothing is as good as some hard training in the dojo, kicking real people.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, hope it helped.



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