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9/01/2008 9:53am,
This is where i train in WC. There doesn't seem to be a real set dedicated gym as there are two locations one in joondalup and one in inglewood for the adult classes anyway. From what i can tell there is only the one instructor i've never seen anyone else teaching the class or any of the other classes. There is no real uniform but once you have passed the 3 week trial you get the WC shirt for free, gradings are free, and there are 3 classes per week for the adults class.

The instructor and quite a few of the students seem to be quite "anit- grappling", pretty much what i mean is they don't seem to think highly of any grappling art, but they aren't assholes about it which is a good thing i suppose. I personally don't really talk to many of the other students there except one.

The Classes go for about an hour and mainly focused drills and techniques are done with a partner there's little focus on forms. There are some conditioning drills mainly to strengthen the forearms, upper body and some conditioning for the legs but not much.

Overall i feel the instructor is good as he does encourage us to try other MA's aswell, but i feel some of the things being taught there aren't exactly practicle.