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8/19/2008 9:19am,
►Igor Kurinnoy’s Sambo For Professionals 3: Physical Preparation for the Fighter.
Review by Stephen Koepfer

Igor Kurinnoy is a 5-time world cup champion in Sambo, a 3-time world champion in Sambo, international Judo champion, and amateur Sumo world champion. After much anticipation, Kurinnoy has finally released his third Sambo For Professionals Instructional DVD ROM: Physical Preparation for the Fighter.

What most people don’t know is that in addition to kicking serious butt, Igor Kurinnoy also holds a Ph.D. in Exercise Science. This new instructional is the winner of the All-Russian Contest for the Sport Scientist.

Having trained with Igor and experienced his rigorous conditioning routines first hand, I was very excited to get a look at his new instructional…and it did not disappoint!

This instructional is unique in the field of conditioning programs. While some of the exercises presented are not new (others were new to me), what makes this program so valuable is the comprehensive nature of the presentation as well as the analysis program which tracks a fighter’s (or team’s) progress over time.

The program is broken into five categories:
1) Theoretical introduction to physical conditioning;
2) Complex of exercises;
3) Set of assessment tests;
4) Database and analysis program;
5) Examples of techniques in competition.

The theoretical overview provides an exhaustive scientific explanation behind the principles of conditioning athletes.

Section 2, the Complex of Exercises offers through written and video explanation a total of 145 exercises. These exercises are then divided into areas of focus including strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, agility, coordination, and stability. For each area of focus, warm-up and recovery parameters are provided along with a list of needed equipment and time frames for a work out in each area. At the conclusion of this section an written and video example of a 16-station circuit training regimen is provided along with time frames for completion.

The exercises demonstrated cover a wide range in ability (from beginner to advanced levels) and uses partners, natural weight, ordinary objects, and gym equipment. Plyometrics, acrobatics, games, partner drills, stretching, and mobility drills are all covered. Many are sport specific drills, which would benefit any grappler. Others are not sport specific and would benefit any fighter regardless of style. In fact, this program is not Sambo specific. Kurinnoy recommends using primarily partner drills if possible.

Following the outline of exercises, section 3 offers a comprehensive set of physical tests from which an athlete or coach can create a baseline and track a fighter’s progress over time. There are 19 tests in the assessment protocol.

Section 4 is the Database Program in which a fighter’s data can be entered an evaluated over time. The program creates an “Athlete Card” which is a profile of the athlete along with the athlete’s historical assessments. These profiles are printable and can be kept for a multitude athletes. Once the raw data is entered, the program will provide a complex overall analysis of the athlete’s strengths and areas of need – complete with charts and graphs. This is an invaluable tool for any coach who is monitoring a team of athletes, as databases for each team member can be stored, edited, updated, evaluated, and printed.

In section 5, a follow-up from Sambo For Professionals Volumes 1 & 2 in offered. In this section, videos from high-level competition are show to demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques show in prior volumes…and by default, the value of good conditioning.

After going through the program, I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of information and the way it is organized and presented. By moving from a DVD to a computer program model (as with all the SFP series), Kurinnoy has broken a mold that should have been broken a long time ago.

The ability one has to jump from topic to topic as well as the user friendly nature of the program leaves every other DVD in the dust.

There are a few important notes to mention in regard to using the program. This program requires a DVD ROM. It will not work in a CD ROM drive. The program is for PC and there must be 500 MB of free disk space as well as 64 MB of available RAM. Windows XP is required as well as Intel Pentium 800 MHz or higher.

I highly recommend this program for any competitive fighter or coach!!!

Sambo for Professional 3: Physical Preparation for the Fighter is available through our ASA store at a price of $60.

8/26/2008 5:04pm,
Nice review. How are the other DVD's in the set?

Kentucky Fried Chokin
8/26/2008 5:48pm,
I'm off to download it from Bit Torrent!

What does he mean by 'Professional'?

8/27/2008 2:00am,
1&2 are equally awsome! We have all 3 in stock if anyone is interested.
SFP 1 is all throws
SFP 2 is throws and ground

Professionals...I think he means for "serious" students. Though they do have a pro league in Russia.