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8/01/2008 1:19pm,
This is one of the better Kung Fu Clubs. Very focused on application (well as much as a CMA school can be). the instructor even went and got his blue belt in BJJ so he could teach a basic understanding of the ground game. Upper belts spar once a week or so. No gear with medium contact. I had to move and he made it easy to get out of the contract.

Down side is that there is too much of a Family atmosphere. The instructor only after about a month tried to give me advice on marriage. Not cultish but too much for me. Also like all kung Fu schools too much time spent on unrealistic moves.

Overall if you realloy want to to Chinese martial arts this is the best place in Utah. If you want to learn to fight go some where else.

Snake Plissken
8/01/2008 1:44pm,
123 Krotty Lane Springfield, MO 66666

Why don't you post a real address for the school in Sandy, Ut?

8/01/2008 1:49pm,
sorry I missed that field and that 123 address is the auto one.