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7/30/2008 3:32am,
City Krav Maga is a small school in Brighton, UK. As a first point I should note that classes are held in Brighton and Worthing, and I've only been to the Brighton ones - I believe the Worthing classes are half an hour shorter (1 1/2 hours per session rather than 2) but have a room with different facilities. I've been going to the Brighton classes for around four months. Both are held weekly (mondays and thursdays)

Each class follows the same pattern, covering some light warmup followed by teaching of various defences to attacks (or aggressive behavior). Each move is taught then drilled with a partner, for about 20 minutes all told (there are usually 4 or 5). The instructor is constantly checking to make sure everyone has got the move, and to answer any questions.

The breakdown varies, but tends to be a mix - say a weapon defence (usually knife or bottle, pool cue/stick, or gun), a ground move, and a couple of striking defences. The situations vary - e.g. weapon attack when pinned against the wall, or on the ground.

After this the moves taught that lesson are pressure tested. The class splits into groups of 3 or 4, does some cardio (the excercises varies) to tire everyone out some, then a person is tested in each group. The person being tested spins round with two fingers on the floor for several seconds to make them dizzy, then the rest of the group attack them. Only the moves taught that lesson are tested (in the regular classes). The whole thing repeats for each person in the group.

In my experience I'm likely to find that there's a situation each week that I have already been taught in the class, but the instructor introduces extra subtleties for those that are already familiar with the basics, and sometimes has revised elements.

City Krav Maga was originally Commando Krav Maga based. Since Owen (the instructor) has started teaching his own variant, the focus has been placed on a attacks that are more common to the UK - basically less gun defences, more getting glassed in a pub or mugged with a knife. Owen has a personal history of his experience in MA on the website.

The classes are generally relaxed and friendly, and the teaching of a consistently good standard. There is usually consideration of the different sizes of attacker and defender, whether there are multiple assailants, and even how the situation might look in the eyes of police or someone walking round a corner at the wrong time. The atmosphere is relaxed, but the pressure testing can vary in hardness, mostly depending on how experienced the group is on a given day, and how tired everyone is by the end!

Eddie Hardon
7/30/2008 6:10am,
Is there a website address, please?

Krav Maga seems to be growing in popularity in the UK. Now, we have a variant?

Defences against Glassing-Knifing make more sense than Gun Disarms. And more topical but then, of course, Guns are illegal in the UK and irrespective of some claims, not that common.

7/30/2008 7:00am,
Ah, sorry, I thought I'd put in the web address, but I'd missed the http:// and it wasn't saved. Edited in now. http://www.citykravmaga.com

9/05/2008 4:20pm,
How are the knife attacks made? Is it always the usual over-arm bs*, or reasonably realistic? Realistic meaning, to get a 10, that the attacker closes, grabs you without warning with one hand, produces knife in hammer grip in the other, starts to slash and stab, including at your any hand/arm you try to use - ideally with a marker pen...

The other questions I'd always ask about a KM school are how is it different, other than branding, from the multitude of Student Union Jujitsu schools that taught hit-in-the-solar-plexus, follow-by-hip-throw, for years? And is the punching boxing-style from the shoulder, or from the hips? Oh - and how much attention do they pay to fighting in the clinch?

*Like eg this http://www.your-krav-maga-expert.com/knife-defense.html (http://www.your-krav-maga-expert.com/knife-defense.html)
While a real knife attack is typically like this http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/babylonbeyond/2008/03/on-the-tarawa.html

9/06/2008 1:57pm,
RE the knife attacks, I'd say somewhere between the two. There is certainly much more variety in the knife attacks, which range from static knife in the back/to the throat when-using-a-cash-machine type scenarios (which your examples don't really cover), to a variety of stabs and slashes at reasonable speed. However, there isn't that much on a sustained, but varied, attack, like an attacker that is a bit more experienced (who moves between different levels say), at least in what I've done so far. And the usual overarm bs does make an appearance (though often in a bottle or pool queue instead of a knife).

Couldn't say regarding the student union jujitsu type comparison. I think I know the kind of thing you mean, and I'd say that this seems more varied and practical, but I've not got the experience to give you a reliable answer there.

For fighting in the clinch, very little from what I've seen thus far.