View Full Version : AMC Karate (Boonville, NY)

7/09/2008 7:37am,
Andrew Croniser's AMC Karate in Boonville, NY is an up-and-coming professional school with a small club atmosphere (read: recently got started and is building it's student base). The owner/primary instructor holds 1st Dan rank in WTF TKD and has switched exclusively to IKCA Kenpo in the last several years.

The system is as advertised in Blackbelt magazine and on the IKCA Webpage (www.karateconnection.com (http://www.karateconnection.com)).

I have studied this particular variant of Ed Parker's Kenpo since 2002 and have traveled around the united states and Mr. Croniser is as good an istructor as you will find in any well run traditional or semi-traditional karate school. For reference, I hold a 4th Dan in Nahate Goju Karate, 3rd Dan in Jujika Jujutsu, 1st Dan in TKD andd I just tested for 1st Kyu in this system of Kenpo.

The instruction is very personable and applicable. It's really a "must see" if you're in the area looking for instruction.