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6/24/2008 7:10pm,
You'll definitely be encouraged to compete, but not pressured. Offers national level wushu instruction, san shou and tai chi. I enjoyed my time there quite a bit, the instructors are very down to earth and humble. The wushu is definitely very rigorous, it requires a high degree of athleticism but it definitely is useful conditioning. If you want to compete in san shou or wushu, and want ego free training this is the right place for you. Also if your a beginner hoping to get very personal instruction this is probably a good choice as well. As far as competition history the school is kinda young but has made a quick impact on the san shou community. We've had two golds in the pan am games 06, and one silver in nationals last year.

6/25/2008 9:59am,
Jesus Tap Danging Christ in a Monster Truck.......did you just happen to miss the huge section directly above your wholly inadequate school review where you provide ratings for your school?....wait, you did....well, it looks like this...please go back in and provide more detail on the training, competition history, instructors, notable students, AND RATE YOUR SCHOOL!!