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5/16/2008 2:50pm,

scimitar martial arts is a small JKD school run by carl lewis, who was certified by larry hartsell. i also saw some certification from bob bremel, and some pics of him wih inosanto. we train in his garage, in very small class's, maybe 4 of us at a time. this means the instruction is pretty close to one on one, which is great. carl has over 25 years of martial arts experiance, and has travelled all over the world learning what he teaches. all teachings are for real world defense. competition is not covered at all.


We do a lot of padwork, not really sparring in the true sense of the word as its all very compliant, but then again, im at a lower level in this particular gym, and iv never seen a more advanced class go at it. still, all the padwork is focus pads, and a lot of the time we work at them in motion.


all well worn. good stuff, and lots of it.

Gym Size

fair size garage. enough room for the minimal classes he holds. no mats, just carpet padded concrete. great for conditioning when ya get taken down (ouch!)

Instructor/Student Ratio

There is one instructor and normally about 4 persons per class. this makes for pretty much one on one instruction. we never do a technique unwatched and/or uncorrected if needs be.


great atmosphere. everyone is there to get down to business. no talking during class. thats not a rule, just a reality. we just train.

Striking Instruction

striking is overed vigorously in every class, using both letf and right gaurds. attacking and trapping is covered extensively. we are taught to strike with anything, knees, elbows, fists, feet etc.


We cover a lot of grappling, usually startng from a standing position, and covering each step from there to destruction from a variety of different outcomes, ie: if the guy muscles out of this, we can bring him to this position instead, etc etc.

Childrens Classes

as far as im aware, this school does not teach children. lots of eye gouges, groin kicks, skin grabs etc make it a bit more adult orientated. a bit harsh for the schoolyard.

hopefully, iv covered everything and done the gym justice. it really is a great place to train.

5/16/2008 11:56pm,
Perfect!!!! This should serve as an example for a good, objective review from a student who actually trains at the school.

Good job.