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11/23/2003 9:17pm,
Im starting a weight lifting program and Im not sure how much weight I should lift with for curls and extensions etc.. I am 5'10 and weigh 200 lbs. My goals are to tone and build muscle. What do you think? I was thinking in the 30lb.-40lb. range for dumbells.

11/23/2003 9:21pm,
depends what exercises you plan on doing, and on what your fitness and strength are like at the moment........ to tone i would suggest taking a weight that you strggle to do 3 sets of 8 - 10 reps with

11/23/2003 9:46pm,
My goals are to tone and build muscle

They are opposite goals.
Although if you are a beginner to weight work, and assuming you are carrying a few extra pounds you can achieve some of both.

We can't tell you what to lift.
Concentrate on using weight to build muscle.
Let cardio take care of the extra pounds in order to tone up.
(muscle built will take up more calaroies to maintain, and can help you drop some extra fat as well...)

No one can tell you what the perfect rep scheme is for you.

If you want a quick quide, and haven't lifted much or at all before, go for a weight that means you're struggling on the 12th rep. This will let help the body adjust.

After a few weeks, find a weight where you struggle (but manage) to get the 8th rep out on whatever you are doing.

Thats a good place to start.

11/24/2003 8:32am,
Originally posted by gojuJKDdude
Im starting a weight lifting program and Im not sure how much weight I should lift with for curls and extensions etc.. I am 5'10 and weigh 200 lbs. My goals are to tone and build muscle. What do you think? I was thinking in the 30lb.-40lb. range for dumbells.

if you want to build mass with cutls, do straight-bar curls

11/24/2003 11:59am,
FoM has it.

The weight is gong to vary with the specific exercises. It is hard to give you an idea without knowing/assessing your current physical fitness and any limitations you may have (i.e. injuries).

If you are a member of a gym, I highly recommend talking with a personal trainer to set-up a program. You can learn specific exercises to meet your goal, maximize your time in the weight rooom, and prevent injury. Maybe 2 sessions to assess and develop a program. In SoCal, many gyms offer the service to members for $30-50/session. Just as is often discussed about the martial art instruction on this site, check the qualifiactions of the trainer. He or she should be certified by a recognized national organization (ie ACE) and have some experience. Preferabily, the trainer should also have a degree in Kineseology or Phys Ed from an acreditted university.

11/24/2003 12:29pm,
I'd suggest limiting your exposure to personal trainers. Learn lifting technique and mechanics from one (since it's hard to do with trial and error), and that's where I'd end it. After that, do yourself a favor and work-out a program on your own.

As for the rest of your question, mixicus provided as a complete of an answer as possible at this point, I believe. It's important to get a good handle on the "big picture" when it comes to lifting. Direct arm work really shouldn't be the #1 priority.

So, anyway, here are a handful of good sites:

www.cyberpump.com (gotta pay for this one, but it's a HUGE resource)

11/24/2003 2:08pm,
Here's a suggested lifting schedule that I kind of observe. You'll have to insert your own weight, reps and sets. It's just a list of exercises.

Pull Day
Power Cleans:
Bent Over Rows:
Dead Lifts:
Dumb Bell Rows:
45° Angle Rows:
Upright Rows:
Row machine:
Pull ups:

Push Day
Inclined bench:
Military press (behind neck):
Dumb bell military press:
Nose busters:
Easy bar French press:
Tricep machine:

Leg Day
Power Cleans
Squats :
Dead Lift:
Squat machine:
Leg extensions

Chest & Arm Day
Bench press:
Incline press:
Close grip press:
Straight bar curls:
Easy curls:
Reverse curls:
Dumb bell curls:
French Press:
Nose busters:
Tricep machine:

Shoulder & Back Day
Power Cleans:
Bent over rows:
Dead lift:
Dumb bell rows”
45 angle rows:
Upright rows:
Back extensions:
Military press:
Front raises:
Military dumb bell press:
Pull ups:

11/24/2003 2:39pm,
when do you do MA with a schedule like that ??
You are also overlapping many exercises, why?

11/24/2003 2:44pm,
well that's the thing... i don't adhere to it religiously--and since i lift during my lunch break, sometimes i don't have time to do all the exercises. i'm at the point now, where i can lift at lunch time and then train MA later that evening. i train MA on Mon. Wed. Sat. and Sun. On Tues. and Thurs. i try to do some stationary bike during lunch break and do suplemental stuff like abs and push-ups. It's not an exact science, but i'm into it.

Some days are light and some are heavy.

11/24/2003 2:47pm,
WOW....training is key....lechuza sound like a pretty intense schedule.

11/24/2003 2:49pm,
Your an animal !!!! lunch time workout !!!!

11/24/2003 3:00pm,
well. on paper, it looks good, but sometimes i'll slack or what not. some days i'm more motivated than others. also, i got a lot of issues i.e. mild autism, anger/rage management problems, borderline schizophrenia. This stuff is my therapy. i happen to disagree with the US government/pharmaceutical indusrty telling me which drugs i can take and which ones i can't.

11/24/2003 4:37pm,
With all the working out.. what about recover time? I amnot sure of your age, but do you find that to be an issue....

11/24/2003 4:51pm,
find a weight at which you can get the full range of motion for at least 6 reps but not more than 10-12. shoot for around 8 reps per set. don't think about the weight, think about how your muscle is contracting.

guys that lift huge amounts of weight with terrible form and very little range of motion (i.e. "ego lifters") have trouble making significant strength and size gains and are prone to injury.

11/24/2003 4:53pm,
don't overtrain either. your muscles need rest in order to grow. make sure you get plenty of sleep and food and take days off. make sure you adhere to your split and try not to work the same muscle more than once every 5-7 days. if you can work the same muscle groups more often than that you are not training hard enough.

11/24/2003 4:54pm,
now quit your whining and pump some iron!