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5/06/2008 10:35am,
OK......so Phrosty has inundated us with AMP ENERGY DRINK ads on almost every page of this site. So I figured, what the hell, it has been a long time since I imbibed the Mountain Dew Energy Drink known as AMP so maybe I'll pick me up one and see what all the hubbub is about.

The original AMP (in the green can) was n o more than an after thought to Red Bull back in the day. The original tasted simpley like a hyper carbonated mountain dew with a bit of the token "energy drink taste" that was/is present in the original Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar drinks.

Now, AMP has marched down the marketing patch on which every little 14 syllabled herb or berry that is allegedly found in the amazon river basin has some sort of beneficial impact on our bodies. Hence, AMP - ELEVATE.

This pretty blue can has "L-Theanine" in it......that's right the "L-Theanine"

L-Theanine actually has some pretty positive research behind it. Theanine is an amino acid, related to glutamine, commonly found in various teas and has been shown to help the human immune system. There has also been research demonstrating that L-Theanine, when in combination with caffeine, may have a relaxing effect (however, the dosage needed to see these effects ranges from 50mg to 200mg per day).

There was no listing that I found on the back of the can showing exactly how much L-Theanine was in the drink...I seriously doubt there was much.

Taste - 6 Not bad....but not really good either. The can lists "mixed berry" as the flavor and I did get a hint of a mixture of berries. So, I guess thats good.

After Taste - 5 A little bit of a Robatussin after-taste but not too bad. The drink is highly carbonated so that may have effected the amount of time the after-taste lasted.

Energy - 4 Below average boost by todays energy drink standards.

Crash - 5 Not too much of a crash here. I drank it around 4pm and I was pretty groggy by 10pm (after training) so I don't know if the increased grogginess was from the drink or if I was just really tired.