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11/21/2003 10:34am,
can you dilute creatine in hot water without stopping it from working?, i just got a different brand which said to dilute in hot water whereas my old one said cold water, im not sure

11/21/2003 10:40am,
what brand is this? post a site or something?

Creatine WILL break down in a solution eventually. (I've read 6-8 hours.)
The only benefit I can see from warmer water is that the solution that you take in will be pre-heated and saves a few minutes from your body needing to heat it to body temperature.

11/21/2003 11:40pm,
creatine will become creatinine. if you know your chemistry, it does this by "homoreacting" (react with itself, forming a ring). The ring in this case is called a lactam. Hotter water makes solution acidic. Lactam formations (ie creatinine formation) are acid catalyzed.

Alright...now all this sounds impressive and scary but it isn't that bad. The thing is...just drink it asap. Its acidic in the stomach anyway. My point is warm water makes a negligible difference.

11/21/2003 11:48pm,
hey i am currently taking organic chemistry now, **** i sometimes forget my general chem terms, what is ment by a ring, i keep thinking ring is cyclo molecule???

it is just the molecules that form around the carbon right???

sorry very incompetent question but i really need help have a test in 2 weeks.

Mr. Mantis
11/22/2003 12:31pm,
Use the effervecent creatine, it is easier for your body to absorb.

Deadpan Scientist
11/22/2003 2:56pm,
yes, ring = cyclic molecule

11/23/2003 4:52pm,
Add the creatine to a bong and get it into ya that way.

I hear that works best and you'll be huge in no time.

11/24/2003 10:56am,
So FingerMoon? are you telling me you are huge?

"creatine will become creatinine."
If left in an aqueous solution. In a powder form it is stable.

Effervescent creatine may or may not have better absorption rates, (can't remember, gotta go look later on) but I think the extra price isn't worth it for me.

lol @ Genki

11/24/2003 11:15am,
the new one is creasport brand the old one was optima brand----- im off it just now because i m not training through injury , but will start back soon

11/25/2003 3:28pm,
I think that "Hot" on a label , without a Temerature or Tem Range is pretty foul . I wouldnt think that Creatine could survive in too much over 150F Im with PD tho , taking it at about 100F would be Ideal for absorbtion .

Deadpan Scientist
11/25/2003 3:45pm,
How do you know it is ideal?

11/25/2003 4:36pm,

11/25/2003 6:52pm,
Because thats where your Body will accept Liquids the fastest . so doc is actually kind of right , though he was making a run at being Sarcie . The closer to your actual body Temp , the better you Absorb things digestively .

11/26/2003 8:14am,
There is no conclusive evidence that either raising or lowering the temperature of the liquid ingested will affect absorption rate.


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Deadpan Scientist
11/26/2003 8:28am,
Nice post newb.

11/26/2003 8:42am,
Thank you (Assuming it wasn't sarcasm I didn't catch)