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3/19/2008 2:03pm,

SUMMARY: Slightly carbonated fruit punch drink. Reminded me of the old single serving cloudy squat plastic bottles of unidentifiable "fruit punch" liquid I could get at my local convenience store while out on my paper route. No idea what the hell it was then and I have no idea what the hell it is now.....but I like it.

Manufacturer: Rockstar, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Size: 16 fluid oz.

Flavors: Fruit Punch

Available in Sugar Free: No, stoopid...its FRUIT PUNCH!!!

Date of Review: March 2008

Price: $2.49

Flavor Reviewed: Fruit Punch

Where Purchased: Circle-K

Website: http://www.rockstar69.com/product.php?pdt=7



Taste Rating Scale is 1 (absolute shite) through 10 (tastes like happy)

Taste: 8 – Not bad....very drinkable if your a fan of this guy... http://www.pbones.com/images/blobimages/20070409DoDD/punchy.gif
although, Rockstar would have to do something like this if they wanted to use Punchy for their drink....

After Taste: 4 – Syrupy fruit punch concoction that lingers on the tongue almost too long....but not long enough for the gag reflex to take hold of you.

Effects Rating Scale is 1 (water) through 10 (check in to rehab NOW!)

Energy Boost: 7 – With 240mg of caffeine this one does the job.

Side Effects/Crash: 6 – Definite crash. Drink it at night so that you can go straight to beddy bye when the zap wears off; otherwise you may feel yourself jerking back and forth in sleep induced epilepsy at your desk.