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3/04/2008 12:36pm,

Summary - The taste is crap, but it is only 2.5oz, and you DO have an all-night HALO dorkfest to go to don't you?......I thought so.

Manufacturer: VPX Sports

Size: 2.5 fluid oz.

Flavors: Exotic Fruit

Available in Sugar Free: It is

Date of Review: Feb 2008

Price: $2.99

Flavor Reviewed: Exotic Fruit

Where Purchased: VitaminShoppe

Website: http://www.vpxsports.com/


AWESOME ^ that makes this crap a TON easier....SCREW hTmL!!!!

Taste Rating Scale is 1 (absolute shite) through 10 (tastes like happy)

Taste: 6-7 It is a bit bitter, and I could not identify any "fruit" in the taste; let alone any "exotic fruit". It does taste fruit'ish, in that it is closer to cherry syrup than root beer. Then again, it is ONLY 2.5oz. You don't spend $3 bucks to enjoy the complicated palate provided by a 2.5oz shot any more than you pay $3 for a shot of Jack Daniels to enjoy the fin hints of oak at the back of the tongue......you do it to get smashed...errrrrr......get amped up.

After Taste: 1 Sure, but it is quick so no worries here.

Effects Rating Scale is 1 (water) through 10 (check in to rehab NOW!)

Energy Boost: 10 Yup, a 10. I previously gave Spike Shooter a 10+ and have since grown accustomed to the Shooter and I would now give it a 9-10. This shot from Redline is the new tweak inducing twitchy epileptic standard for over the top HOLY **** energy drinks. It comes on pretty even and keeps you jumping for a few hours (maybe not 7 but at some point we all outgrow the rave scene, don't we?). I found myself getting dizzy from the rapid eye movement produced by the 350mg of caffeine that was packed into this small shot.

Oh yeah, if you are sensitive to caffeine......WHY THE **** ARE YOU DRINKING AN ENERGY DRINK!!!! If you must torture yourself by being stupid and drinking this stuff knowing full well that you are intolerant to caffeine then DO NOT drink more than 1.25oz per day. This is what the bottle warns.

Side Effects/Crash: 3 - Didn't really get one with the shot.

3/04/2008 12:46pm,
good review...

but will it blend?

3/04/2008 12:48pm,
I'm going to have this for lunch.

And then do laps around the office with the medicine ball I have in my cube.

Yes, I have a medicine ball in my cube.

Kentucky Fried Chokin
3/04/2008 1:15pm,
Be careful with this stuff. We convinced a bog 250lber to take multiple doses of this stuff on an empty stomach and he couldn't even drive home afterward he was so wired.