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11/11/2003 9:13pm,
is atkins diet good for athelete in training or bad? i could lose a few % in body fat, but i am concerned it would not give me fuel (carbs) needed for workout

Little Idea
11/11/2003 9:36pm,
Strict Atkins for athletic training? Bad

It is a crash diet that cannot be maintained.

But, there are lots of other less drastic carb restricted diets that may be beneficial:

I like the ideas from Protein Power

11/11/2003 10:39pm,
too much meat will kill you

11/11/2003 10:45pm,
Pritikin Diet!!!

11/11/2003 10:46pm,
Eat to Win! Gobble those carbs!! Low fat! Moderate Protein!

11/11/2003 11:16pm,
Too much Protein won't kill you, its not even bad for you. Just go to www.t-mag.com and use the search engine and previous articles to find the nutrition plans you're looking for. They have tons of great articles about this stuff.

11/11/2003 11:29pm,
I've been doing low carbs pretty much these past 3 months, with a modified Gracie diet. Today, I am on atkins.

Gotta love In and Out Double doubles protien style!


11/12/2003 12:35am,
Smackdown gave you THE source. T-mag is great. As an athlete doing, I assume, martial arts 2-3x a week or more you will need energy and going totally ketogenic for most people will mess them up and make them feel like they have the flu in terms of energy.

This is a really awesome diet I used for a period of a month or so, maybe less come to think of it. I'm a mesomorph so I lose bodyfat really easily, went from 8.2% to 7.4% which was a new low for me and good times. It's a modified ketogenic diet. I worked out intensely and had a high level activity and I was fine in terms of energy.


11/14/2003 7:54am,
I personally know several people who have lost a significant amount of weight on the Atkin's diet. Then, without fail, they gained ALL the weight back and then some. At some time you WILL begin eating breads, cereals, pasta, fruit.....again. And when you do you will blow up like a balloon. It's just not very practical. All things in moderation is a much more balanced and practical approach to weight loss and maintainance.

Weight loss is not rocket science. Burn more calories than you take in.

Eating alot of protein is only bad for you if you have serious liver or kidney problems.

11/14/2003 9:45am,
Exercise, adequate nutrition, rest and plenty of water can correct for almost anything while you're younger.

But isn't it a fact that vegetarians live longer and have more endurance?

I think that 30% Protien would be the highest I'd go.

11/14/2003 9:50am,
"It is a crash diet that cannot be maintained."

Not true. I just lost 55 pounds and I am very confident of maintaining it. Granted it is probably not the diet for most of the people on this board (younger and different matobilisms) but at least for me it has been very helpful. Also, my cholesterol went down. It is not really a crash diet, more a change in philosphy. Check there web site. Again. I can only go by my personal experience, and I have been working with my doctor.

Mr. Mantis
11/14/2003 10:06am,
I did Atkins for three months. If you do not follow the rules it is bad for your body. You must drink at least a gallon of water a day, take in one gram of protein for every pound of body weight and don't take in more than 40g of carbs. Your carbs are going to be fiber based so you can continue to go to the bathroom. I went and got fiber from the health food store. I would put it into milk and drink it down, I also ate a few pieces of lettuce, dry. Pretty much everything I ate had cheeze on it. I trained rigorously. I took 2 or 3 ripped fuel capsules a day, and before workout I took herbafuel or DMG. It can be done.

11/14/2003 10:16am,
Sure it can be done. But can you see yourself drinking fiber, taking pills and eating dry lettuce and cheese for the next 15 years?

11/14/2003 2:53pm,
The way I was told is after your down to the desired wait you start to bring back carbs. Preferrably good carbs (vegetables and fruits) until you start to gain and then back off and thats were you stay. No pills or stuff like that. But also staying away from processed carbs (white sugar etc.) Thats what I talked about with my doctor. Yeah you drink a lot of water, but aren't you supposed to do that anyway? Granted its not the diet for people younger with still quit active matabolisms but ....

11/14/2003 3:05pm,
Just hadda guy ask me about this at work. Just started atkins, and according to him his workouts have not changed, yet he lost significant strength. His reps fell by half in his bench press.

On the other hand, I also dealt with an older guy who lost 30 pounds with it.

The first guy was younger, had been training already, and was performance oriented.

The older guy just wanted to "lose weight". He did. He probably could have skipped the exercise altogether, since I see him work out and he just goes through the motions like 99% of people.

A truly obese man I know tried it...failed to work at all.

My sister started atkins too. Haven't seen much improvement yet.

However, the people I see who DO lose significant weight AND keep it off are those who join weight watchers, or simply account for calories on their own. Both basically boil down to portion control.

11/14/2003 3:11pm,
First of all, Atkins diet is the most healthiest way to eat!! I've lost 80 pounds doing Atkins. Most folks have no idea what their talking about when it comes to low carb. Low carb is NOT no carbs. The good Doctor Atkins says to eat 3 cups of vege's a day and 8 to 10oz portions of protein at each meal. By the way, if you go off ANY diet you will gain weight back - duh!! As far as training goes; I did 4 days a week in the gym and 3 days a week in the dojo the whole time I've been doing low carb. No problem for me. The whole "you need carbs if you're an athlete," is a falsehood!

Atkins diet means: vegetables, salads, meats, cheese, and eggs. What's so wrong with that??

I happen to know a lot about low-carbing, so if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.