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11/11/2003 3:44pm,
has anyone else acquired the ability to burp ridiculously loud from qigong practice? what's up with that?

11/11/2003 3:45pm,
My brother did.. wait... that wasn't qigong, it was typical 5 year old behavior.... but it was impressive nonetheless lol.

11/11/2003 3:53pm,
i wish i had audio. these burps are retardedly loud. aren't there any internal CMA people out there that know what i'm talking about?

11/11/2003 3:59pm,
is qigong chinese pepsi or coke?

11/11/2003 4:00pm,
are you thinking qishui? lol

11/11/2003 4:19pm,
Don't do it after you eat.

11/11/2003 4:20pm,

11/11/2003 4:43pm,
ok, let me put it this way. one night i burped so loud that my downstairs neighbor was unable to continue having sex with his girlfriend. my brother told me i hurt his ears when i burp at max volume. also, my burping causes both my roommate and my downstairs neighbors to yell at the top of their lungs, which still manages not to be as loud as my burps. i've woken up my roommate by burping while both of the doors to our respective rooms were closed. my roommate can hear me burp when i'm inside my car in the driveway and he is in the house. i have also been accused of keeping a bear in my house.

11/11/2003 4:44pm,
i can control it, but i find it much funnier to burp at maximum volume whenever possible.

gong sau
11/11/2003 7:29pm,
Oh, you do? Well, here you go then:

The Burper (http://www3.sympatico.ca/gongfu/_temp/burp.exe)

11/11/2003 8:21pm,
you bastard, how do i turn this **** off?

11/11/2003 8:38pm,
i found out. dammit, that's a good one.

11/11/2003 9:10pm,
i can fart really loud after years of qi training, i also can control them and make them either wet or dry farts with my mind, I can also tune the pitch to the fart, on a good day i can play a few songs with my fart when i get bored

gong sau
11/12/2003 9:15pm,
Bwahahahaha!! :D