View Full Version : Vids or it Didn't Happen #3

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Airman Kai
2/01/2008 11:15am,

The Question
2/01/2008 12:46pm,
I don't like this one. No sir, I don't like it at all.

2/01/2008 12:49pm,
the only thing I found funny was the hello kitty facial expressions

Roidie McDouchebag
2/01/2008 1:55pm,
Funnier than the others, yet still not funny.

bad credit
2/02/2008 6:59am,
Gawdamn ball chasing sports. Dumb jocks. They can't even fight right, they just put on helmets and run into each other like special ed kids at recess.

2/02/2008 7:15am,
How about having a third guy shouting "Yay, Queer eye marathon!"

And then at the end they're both like "...wait, what?"

2/03/2008 6:00am,
is the right dude doing the..."people's eyebrow" in the second pic? :eusa_eh::eusa_eh: :eusa_eh:

Holy Moment
2/03/2008 1:38pm,
Women's suffrage is a good thing.

2/03/2008 1:55pm,
hey phrost, fix the rep button in this forum so i can neg HM yeah?

Holy Moment
2/03/2008 2:14pm,
Sexist bastard.

P.s: Don't blame me, blame the autism.

2/03/2008 2:30pm,
Man that could have been funny if you could have thought of some better **** then "Oh noes" and "teh"

or if you could have published this comic in 1998.

Holy Moment
2/03/2008 2:37pm,
It's out of place here where the in-joke is on another forum. And even there, it's more pimp than funny.

2/03/2008 2:39pm,
There is a forum where "OH NOEEESS TEH LAY AND PRAY" is "pimp?"

The Question
2/03/2008 2:40pm,
There is a forum where "OH NOEEESS TEH LAY AND PRAY" is "pimp?"

Perhaps one started in 1998?

2/03/2008 4:54pm,
You're starting to warm up.. Although it would be better to leave the punchline to the end of the strip :-)

2/03/2008 9:06pm,
I laughed at this one. I'm starting to like them now. Now that there have been a few of them, they are starting to become a sort of anti-funny comic. It's funny because it's not funny. I say moar please.