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11/05/2003 7:08pm,
Konichi wa. I have a question about training the abdominals. If one were to use low repetitions with heavy resistance with crunches, what would be their results? Good bye.

- Wolf

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11/05/2003 7:53pm,
And I get accused of post whoring....

The results would be a pretty good burn. Also ensure your lower back is strong enough as well.
I do mine on a decline bench with a plate on my chest.

Result: Your abs will grow given proper nourishment.

11/05/2003 8:29pm,
One of the most important things you can do if you're doing a lot of ab work is to work your lower back, as Piz mentioned. If your lower back isn't at least nearly as strong you'll have major back problems. I have heard that shin splints arise for analogous reasons, the calf is far stronger that the tibialis anterior and other anterior flexors. Don't know for sure about that.

If you are including weights into your ab routine do so cautiously and judiciously.

Love you too Piz, I always get a kick when people end on of their first posts that way.

11/05/2003 8:45pm,
Konichi wa.


11/05/2003 9:02pm,
What works for me is some isometric like excercises where I just contract my abs as hard as I can for as long as I can slowly exhale. The cool thing about this is you can do it almost anywhere, anytime. I do it driving, at work, or watching TV. I also make a point keep my abs tight as possible while doing other excercises.

11/05/2003 10:04pm,
I do that in front the mirror.

But make sure you don't have Mexican before you do the straining.

11/06/2003 12:02am,
Try Pilates.

11/14/2003 9:02am,
Two things I can add…

I agree with the decline bench with the weight for the abs, also combined with strengthening your back (and sides) with a weight on the hyperextension bench. That gives you a natural weight belt that will protect you from a wide range of lifting injuries as well as being able to take punches.

Also from what I understand you can work your abs every day since they regenerate at a faster rate than your other muscles.

As far as having abs that look good aesthetically, only dieting can do that, or rather a low fat diet combined with fat burning exercises (running).

The other thing I have had done before (in kickboxing) was that they had someone drop a medicine ball on my stomach repeatedly as I lay on the floor. Anyone else had that done? I always wondered if it was safe in the long term?

11/14/2003 10:26am,
If your working your abs with sufficient intensity you won't be able to work them everyday. If your abs are sore you should not work them. Wait for them to recover before your next workout.

For the best results you should employ both high rep sets and heavy weighted sets. Adaptation is the key just like all muscles. Keep your muscles guessing. Change things up fairly regularly or your muscles will have no reason to grow.

11/14/2003 1:48pm,
Medicine ball, yep been there done that. I don't think it hurts anything as long as they are dropping not throwing it.

We do the crunches with Thai pad beatings more often though and I think they are better. Let me explain if you haven't done these. One partner lies on the ground doing regular crunches with his hands behind the head or atleast out of the way. The other Partner kneels next to you and rythmically pounds your abs with a Thai Pad. The rythm is once per crunch on the way up. This teaches body conditioning ab work and timing all at once. Try it you'll hate it, then love it.

11/14/2003 9:07pm,
I've done something like that. Except what I did was I hung a sandbag, pushed it away from me, let it come back towards me and hit my abs. That may seem a bit extreme, but it worked great.

11/14/2003 11:16pm,
Medicine ball, with a incline bench with someone throwing me a heavy medicine ball above my head i catch lean back do a sit up with it (on the inclinve bench) 20 times, then have someone throw to my side i catch lean back and throw back, each side 10 times, (do this drill 4 time) rotating with your partner.

11/15/2003 2:08am,
oooooo, getting someone else in one the action! yeaoch!

several weeks ago i did 2 sets of weighted crunches on the decline (slowly, good form i think)
and 1 set of leg raises

burned for 3 days

but just doing crunches or situps on the ground is fine and nothing much for me....