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11/19/2007 3:22pm,
I love Kenpo. Even though there are McDojo's of it, and alot of places don't train well, I heard of a place called Wright's Self Defense. I asked the guy where his dojo was, and he told me that he actually trained students in a home dojo (his garage, which is stand alone, is the dojo). It made me quite skeptical, but I acccepted to go and check it out. I talked to him and I could see that this guy was no BS, hard training, and not only that, but is focused on competeing as well as self defense.

I'll break it down.

The Dojo:

It's small. That's the only thing that can be seen as a con. But it's heated, plenty of mats. (usually they have wrestling mats, but theyre using a different kind for the winter)

Plenty of kick shields, thai pads, ect.

Gloves, headgear, ect.

The Art:

Kenpo gets a bad rap. But this is a good art. It's Chinese Kenpo-Jujitsu. Sounds like a mess of words, eh? It's Chinese Kenpo with the throws, takdowns, and joint locking of Japanese Jujitsu. Resistance is a must in the dojo for every technique.

Not only that, but we train for a variety of combat sports, including Kickboxing (FCR & Leg Kick), San Shou/Sanda, and MMA.

The Instructor:

Great guy. Humble, down to earth, and of course, a talented teacher. Holds a 4th degree in Chinese Kenpo-Jujitsu, as well as holding ranking in Tracy Kenpo, and Judo. He also is a current practioner of Submission Wrestling, and even has a GJJ purple belt come teach occasionally.


If you want great training with a good instructor (at a reasonable price) who will prepare you for both the ring and the street, come to Wright's Self Defense.